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Canadiens vs. Canucks Top Six Minutes: Teamwork makes the dream work

Chemistry is showing in back-to-back wins.

Vancouver Canucks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Both the Habs and the Canucks played last night and both teams came away victorious. This should be an interesting game of chicken.
  • Oh! And something to keep in mind tonight, fellas... boarding is bad.

First period

  • Montembeault, let’s not get too adventurous right out of the gate.
  • Off we go to the power play less than a minute in.
  • Suzuki wastes no time taking advantage of the man advantage and opens the scoring!
  • The Habs must have had some good naps this afternoon because you wouldn’t know they played last night.
  • Naps are good! Xehkaj lets loose at the blueline off the faceoff and it’s 2-0 before we even hit the 10-minute mark.
  • A giveaway right in front of Monty but don’t worry, he’s on it.
  • Gallagher blocks a shot and goes down in a pile at centre ice. Off to the room he goes.
  • Miller passes the puck to Dach (that’s right, Miller) so Dach says thank you by sliding the puck past Demko to make it, you guessed it... 3-0!
  • Gallagher’s back. Was there ever any doubt?

Second period

  • If the Habs had a catnap during intermission, the Canucks won’t know what hit them. Or, will continue to not know what hit them.
  • Oh, hey Demko. Surprised to see you here. Happy, but surprised.
  • On the way to the net Pearson crosschecks Kovacevic who ends up crashing awkwardly into the boards. Pearson immediately checked on him to make sure he was ok. Good man.
  • Fancy-feet Dadanov drives to the net on one skate, then two, then one again before landing in Demko’s crease. No goal but quite an entertaining attempt.
  • Gallagher seems extra amped up this evening as he takes on Ekman-Larrson AND Demko. Hey goalie, how’s about you get back in your net and off our fiesty little winger?
  • And we come away with a power play! All part of Gally’s master plan.
  • Hoffman and Gallgaher go in for a two-on-one and Hoffman continues his hot streak with a slick snipe up and over Demko’s shoulder.
  • For those not keeping count, that’s three goals for Hoffman in two games and 4-0 for the Habs.

Third period

  • Hoffman gives it another go 10 seconds in but couldn’t finish it. Might of had something to do with the slash to the hand he took in the process.
  • Fun fact: Xhekaj just hit the 15-minute mark for his TOI. The most minutes played by any player so far tonight.
  • Schenn how dare you ruin Monty’s shutout chances? Not cool, dude. Not cool.
  • Is it just me or is the fun getting sucked out of this game now that Vancouver got two goals in four minutes?
  • Just need to hang in there for 10 more minutes.
  • Guhle gets called for holding. Just need to hang in there for eight-ish more minutes.
  • Off the post. Off the post again. Wake up, Monty! This is not a drill!
  • Caufield hits Myers, knocking him off the puck and Dach eases the sense of dread that’s been building by notching his second of the night to make it 5-2!
  • Back-to-back wins are always fun!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) They can even beat the bad teams!

2) Two firsts seems reasonable for this scoring rate

1) The duo is now a trio