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The Dispatch: Catching up with Frederik Dichow

We speak with the goaltender and some experts about what he’s been learning from his time in the SHL.

Patrik Bexell / Eyes on the Prize

Questions about Frederik Dichow’s development as his frequency of starts in the SHL has dropped made Eyes On The Prize travel to Gothenburg to catch up with the Danish goalie. So far, Dichow has played five games, and won three, in the SHL. In the Champions Hockey League he has started one game, and won that quite comfortably.

In order to fully understand the situation, we interviewed a few different people with insight into Dichow’s development and progress so far, with three being experts of different kinds: Fredrik Janlind, Frölunda reporter for Göteborgs Posten; Kristoffer Martin, goalie coach for Frölunda HC; and; Olaf Eller, former coach for Dichow in the Danish U20 team.

Of course we get to hear from Dichow himself; who is happy with the learning experience and development that he currently is getting with Frölunda. He was aware that a situation like this (playing less often) was going to happen, and he feels there are lots of CHL and SHL games left this season for him to be able to get a good number of starts in the end. He repeatedly refers to the increase in level that the step up to Frölunda has generated and that he is learning a lot from practices, and from his compatriot in the net, Lars Johansson.

The Great Dane will play in the German Cup, and has been promised two starts already. It is something that he is looking forward to, and while his last national team experience wasn’t the best, the two previous to that — a 2-0 loss to Russia in the Olympics, and a 3-2 shootout loss to Sweden in the lead-up to the World Championship — showcased what Dichow is capable of at the international level.

Timestamps for the individual interviews:

Janlind: 1:20
Martin: 4:50
Dichow: 7:35
Eller: 10:10