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Frederik Dichow to represent Denmark at the Deutschland Cup

The goalie will get the opportunity to start at the tournament.

Patrik Bexell / Eyes on the Prize

Montreal Canadiens prospect Frederik Dichow has been named to the Danish National Team for the Deutschland Cup next week, where Denmark will play Austria, Slovakia and hosts Germany in a four nations tournament.

Dichow has had a difficult start with Frölunda in the Swedish top division, SHL, having been hed back by an illness and a struggling Lars Johansson. He has five starts and three wins, with a 3.03 GAA and a .890 save percentage.

Dichow has been promised by the Danish National Team coach to start in two of the games in the tournament, and Dichow is really motivated to go to the tournament and being able to play international games.

Olaf Eller, former coach for Dichow in the Danish U20 team, has this to say to Eyes on the Prize about the young goalie: “He has improved every year, he is a very calm, very confident, and he is working very hard on the side [of the ice], he has learned that he can’t come though if he isn’t serious. I think he has taken a little while to the next level; from junior league, to senior, to pro and then adjust to [Hockey] Allsvenskan, and now to the SHL. It took a while before he really got going in [Hockey] Allsvenskan and it will take a little while before he is stable at the SHL, but I think he will. I am sure.”

The main question has been Dichow’s usage in the SHL how does Eller think that can impact the usage at the tournament?

“[Dichow] on a daily basis is at a very high level, so I don’t think that is anything to worry about at all.”