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Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Another close call

Nick Suzuki is back in action, and that vastly improves the Canadiens chances of ever getting away with another victory.

NHL: OCT 04 Senators at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every competitive game.


  • Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.
  • Nah, it shouldn’t be that bad, should it? Hockey is back. And hockey is fun.
  • Been a while since I wrote one of these though. I miss playoff hockey...
  • Welcome back, Dr. Captain Nick. We’ve missed seeing you in action.
  • Oh, and you get Cole and Slaf playing alongside you? Is this the future I’m seeing? I think so.
  • Otherwise, I am just looking forward to see who hits Tim Stützle the hardest: X-Man or Kaiden The Ghoul.

First Period

  • Having Mike Johnson as the colour commentator makes any Habs game more enjoyable to watch.
  • Before Marc Bergevin got axed he gave us one last great gift: The signing of David Savard on a four-year deal.
  • Three more years to go...
  • A waaay too easy power play goal for the Sens to open the scoring. Sitting in the box? The aforementioned Savard. Scorer? A certain Chicago reject. Assisted by a former Broadstreet Bully from Hearst, ON.
  • If only Savard were younger, we could probably trick Florida into giving us a first-round pick and a prospect for him come trade deadline.
  • Xhekaj shows off his best Knuckles Nilan impression by dropping his gloves and fighting someone named Mark Kastelic. Ends up as a Montreal power play with two Senators in the penalty box.
  • No offence to Chris Wideman, but if he is your best option to play the the point on your PP1, the roster is definitely not good enough.
  • The penalty boxes are getting crowded. Five players sitting there, just chillin’ along.
  • What the frick is up with all of these 7-Eleven ads on TSN?
  • There’s only one thing I want less right now than another pre-season loss, and that’s a coffee from 7-Eleven.

Second Period

  • Slaf narrowly misses on a breakaway and Ottawa punishes the young Habs by scoring their second.
  • Reversed roles this time. The Chicago reject finds the Hearst bully for a redirect in front of the net.
  • My feelings right now summed up in a video clip.
  • Hey, that worked wonders! No need to pretend anymore. Cap’n Nick dishes it out and Army the Joel finds the open mesh of netting.
  • And another one!
  • Jake Evans finds... reading the score sheet... putting on bifocal glasses... David Savard? In front of the net?? What in the damn???
  • Did you see that goal, Bill Zito?
  • Surely worthy of a first-round pick and a quality prospect, innit?
  • Ottawa back on top.
  • Tyler Motte. From the slot. He doesn’t score a lot. Habs defence lost the plot.
  • Shane Pinto scores and the Sens are up by two once again.
  • At least we’re getting a lot of goals tonight.

Third Period

  • I’d rather have Nick Suzuki as my captain than Brady Tkachuk.
  • We got an answer to my pre-game question: Kaiden The Ghoul just fought Stützle, so I guess he takes the crown for tonight.
  • At least we get one final look at that woeful thing the Habs call a power play.
  • Cole with the rocket! Suzuki with his second primary assist of the evening. That was a good one.
  • Tkachuk scores and demonstrates his very best instigator smile.
  • Guhle may have fought Ze German, but X-Man counters with a goal! A real beauty as well. Jsem na tebe hrdý, young Arber.
  • And I’m sorry that I ranked you 36th on the T25 this year.
  • This game has less than 50 shots in total, but we’ve seen nine goals. Not a good day if your mojo is astute goalie play.
  • Well, that became quite fun in the end. Even though we’re staying winless.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) A great pickup

2) Well 82 5-4 results wouldn’t be too bad

1) Maybe we’ll start the draft profiles next week