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Canadiens @ Blues Top Six Minutes: 7th Heaven

Montreal managed to turn both heads and the score, coming back from a two-goal deficit to win 7-4 in Missouri.

Montreal Canadiens v St Louis Blues Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Guess who’s back. Back again?
  • Slaf is back. Tell a friend.
  • Armia, Pezzetta and Slafkovsky inserted into the line-up, replacing Daddy, Drou and Pitlick.

First period

  • The home team takes the lead. Brayden Schenn is named the scorer.
  • We’re never gonne get a US president named Brayden, are we?
  • On the other hand, we never expected to get a president Trump either before 2014, so who knows what the world has in store for us?
  • How about getting some shots on net there, Habs?
  • Like a good Neighbours, Jake from State Farm is there to win face-offs.
  • Cue motorcycle sound. Suuuzuuuukiiii ties it up at one all, redirecting a shot from Jordan Harris.
  • The Habs power play is still less dangerous than a knitting session at grandma’s house.

Second period

  • Opening goal scorer is apparently changed from Schenn to Jordan Kyrou.
  • It’s difficult to beat a 5’10, 210 lbs Noel Acciari in a 50/50 battle in front of the net. Montreal’s young defence just learnt that lesson the hard way. 2-1 St. Louis.
  • The team, that is. Not the coach.
  • Caufield rings one off the post. The world hasn’t seen a short man this lethal since Nick Nack was roaming around Scaramanga Island in The Man With the Golden Gun.
  • Ridiculous slashing call on Joe Shanderson (aka le power cheval), but we’re not here to speak about the referees having impaired vision.
  • Now that’s how you do a power play. The Blues score less than ten seconds into their first man advantage. Kyrou has his second.
  • To quote The Smiths: Bigmouth strikes again. Bigmouth in this case? The ever smiling Cole Caufield.
  • That’s his sixth of the season. I’ll say it again: Lethal.
  • Cole Caufield is to the NHL what Miggy Almiron is to this year’s Premier League. He scores when he wants.
  • Speaking of fun and young? Juraj Slafkovsky ties the contest up at three.
  • And he does so (you’re not gonna believe it) on the power play! Yey!!
  • Speaking of power play goals.......
  • The Blues continue to take unnecessary minors and Cole Caufield continues to score.
  • Filthy pass from Cap’n Suz to set up the goal.
  • Somehow, this game has swung back again. Imagine that just five minutes ago, St. Louis had a two-goal lead.

Third period

  • Ehhm, so the Habs score to make it 5-3. But it was a weird one.
  • It semed to bounce off a defenceman while there was some weird bell ringing noise in the Enterprise Center.
  • Double doink and the Canadiens have quickly gone from a tender one-goal lead to a rock solid three-goal lead.
  • Anderson shot from the blue line and Gallagher re-directed it at first before Dvorak re-directed it again to get the puck past Binnington.
  • Dvorak has quickly gone from having an egg in the goal column to carrying a more respectable tally of two goals. Both goals came within 40 seconds of each other and before the third period had even hit the two-minute mark.
  • Tarasenko makes it 6-4. The Blues won’t go without a fight.
  • There sure is a lot of things to like about this young, scrappy version of the Montreal Canadiens.
  • There goes Binnington. Three minutes left.
  • Christian Dvorak – From zero to hero, with a third period hat-trick. The last one into the empty net with just over a minute left to play.
  • If you want to dress up as something scary for Halloween, choose to go as the St. Louis Blues defence in this game.
  • It sure was a fun one to watch though, especially if you root for the bleu-blanc-rouge.
  • Cole! Slaf! Dvorak!
  • Vi är på gång. Vi är laddade, vi är tända.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Always liked that Alex fellow

2) A very nice addition to the team’s bag of tricks

1) It was in question early, but they figured it out