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Canadiens @ Senators Top Six Minutes: Cases are being made

Close but no cigar.

Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • A big chunk of players have been released from training camp.
  • Time to show off what you have to offer, fellas.
  • This is the first of four pre-season meetings with the Sens. Let’s show ‘em who’s boss right outta the gate.
  • Drouin is up for his first pre-season game of the season. Let’s see how that new number works out for you, JoDrou.

First period

  • Primeau, now’s your chance to get me on board. Because, as we know, we didn’t mesh on Thursday.
  • Jarventie heads to the box and not long after, Matheson says why not make this an even game and takes a penalty himself.
  • Started from a rush by Leskinen, Evans goes baseball mode and attempts to bat the puck in but nadda. Would have been pretty cool though.
  • Beck with the best chance so far but ends up off the post.
  • With eight minutes left, players on both teams seem to have finally realized they’re playing for an NHL roster spot and start picking up the pace.
  • Pitlick picks up the puck, glides in, checks out his surroundings, passes to Evans and we’re on the board!
  • Two minutes later, Evans tries to catch the puck, fumbles but taps it in any way to make it a pair with one minute left.

Second period

  • Way to hang in there Primeau. I have my left foot on board.
  • So, what are we thinking about Matheson? Pretty good deal so far if you ask me.
  • DeBrincat gets the Sens on the board.
  • My left foot has been removed, Primeau. There was a screen so... I’ll keep my big toe on.
  • Anybody else constantly devastated when they see #62 on the ice and realize it’s not Lehky?
  • Time to pick it up, fellas. The Sens have three times the shots you do in this period.
  • With Grieg blocking his third shot of the game (or else he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time each time) and hobbling around without a stick, Pitlick makes it a two-goal game once again just as the power play expires!
  • Seven seconds into their power play, the Sens strike back.

Third period

  • Nice save to keep the lead, Primeau.
  • Evans tries for a hatty but is denied by Bibeau. There’s still time, Jake.
  • Barron fools Bibeau on the blocker side with a snipe to make it 4-2!
  • And as is the theme tonight, 20 seconds later the Sens inch closer after Motte passes the puck to Joseph’s skate and fools Primeau.
  • Five minutes left, Cayden. Yes, you’ve faced 31 shots so far but what’s a few more? Hang in there.
  • Oh boy. Matheson heads to the box. This won’t end well.
  • Annnd there it is...
  • Granted, that was a pretty set up and was difficult to stop. But still.
  • Pitlick heads to the box with 54 seconds left. Just calling it a day, hey guys?


  • Toe is off, Primeau.

3 Stars

3) It’s not getting any easier...

2) So far, so good... Everyone behaved.

1) Who else likes Mike?