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Canadiens @ Wild Top Six Minutes: Sit down, be humble

Montreal got served another slice of harsh reality on Monday night.

Montreal Canadiens v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I just suffered 48 hours of brutal NFL heartbreak, this game cannot possibly hurt me in anyway right?
  • Hoping for a nice homecoming for Ryan Poehling, and another strong start for Cayden Primeau.
  • Let’s have another strong effort lads!

First Period

  • When the hell did Jordie Benn get to Minnesota?
  • Scoring on your first shot of the game is good right?
  • Playing “Shout” after a goal after the Bills lost this weekend is an emotional attack against me in particular.
  • Dean Evason has those crazy eyes, like if I saw that man in a bar I would do everything in my power to avoid making him mad.
  • I would like to not repeat any part of that Kaprizov shift again tonight.
  • Oh look, another Habs injury.
  • I see the Habs have decided to leave Primeau out to dry tonight.
  • Did I mishear or did Sportsnet just say Chiarot and Savard had success against the Avs?
  • Oh we can call elbowing apparently.
  • That glove save by Primeau was absolutely beautiful, I want to marry it honestly.
  • Smart move by the Habs to kill their own power play off so they have a better chance at scoring.
  • Larry Dolphins drawing a penalty out of all that is some impressive work.
  • That power play however was not!

Second Period

  • No Dvorak, that’s not ideal!
  • Is getting no shots on a power play bad, asking for a friend, who is also me.
  • Of course the Habs gave up someone’s first NHL goal.
  • Alright this isn’t fun anymore.
  • Cayden Primeau deserves better than this honestly.
  • Jake Evans and Artturi Lehkonen came to play still at least.
  • Really strong non-effort by Ben Chiarot after him being out of position created a breakaway.
  • It’s been nearly 12 minutes, the Habs have one shot on goal in this period.
  • I assume Cam Talbot has fallen asleep in his crease at this point.
  • Hey some shots on net!
  • At least there’s only 20 more minutes to play!
  • They literally scored as I typed that, I have no words

Third Period

  • Welcome to the NHL Michael McNiven, sorry about the mess in front of you.
  • And the first big chance against him is a breakaway, because of course.
  • And the Habs give it right back.
  • I am now just rooting for this game to end with no more injuries at least.
  • Really guys?
  • It’s not hard to feel bad for all the goalies this season when this is the effort the team is giving every single night.
  • Is it over yet?
  • Nope, still going to continue to embarrass the rookie goalie...Great stuff.
  • The Rocket start a weekend series on Friday by the way, they’ve won eight of their last ten...Otherwise known as the same amount the Habs have won all season.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Then strap some goalie gear on him

2) The tank doesn’t descriminate between the good players and the scrubs

1) Any former Ducks that can be acquired before Thursday?