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Canadiens @ Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: Appreciating the little things

Samuel Montembeault did his part in trying to give the Habs their first winning streak of the season.

Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Zak Krill/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Will the magical aura of Kent Hughes continue to sprinkle its fairy dust onto us and lead the Canadiens to a second straight win?

First period:

  • If someone told you, exactly six months ago, that the starting line-up for the Montreal Canadiens on January 20 would feature Samuel Montembeault, Ryan Poehling and Michael Pezzetta; would you believe them?
  • I know I wouldn’t, being still somewhat high on our Western Championship nectar.
  • Anyone up for some shandy?
  • No? How about some Chandy then? As in Stephenson. ‘Cause he just opened the scoring,
  • Monty actually gets better and better, especially when we consider that the defence standing in front of him is the Swiss cheese of defences.
  • You jonesing for some late night pizza?
  • No? How about some Pezza then? As in Michael Pezzetta. He just scored again.
  • And the most confusing thing of all is that none of us are confused by that anymore.
  • Can Michael Pezzetta take the leap from the low 30s’ to the top five on this year’s T25U25? It’s certainly not impossible anymore.
  • This is one weird year.
  • Just give me a proper Romy hit, and I’ll fall back asleep with a smile on my thin lips.

Second Period:

  • The Montreal Canadiens of this year is basically that Adele song: I had no time to choose, what I chose to do, so go easy on me.
  • At least the power play is red hot right now! Goal three games in a row prior to this one.
  • It’s the little victories in life...
  • I was just about to write something on how the penalty kill looked composed, but then it collapsed and Vegas retakes the lead.
  • A Wild Bill appeared. *Throws poke ball* *You can’t escape*.
  • Wild Bill Karlsson now only has 37 goals left until he ties his season record of 43.
  • Anyone think he’ll reach that level of goal scoring ever again?
  • Speaking of goal scoring. HOW BOUT DEM HABS HUH?
  • Anyone craving some toffee?
  • No? Bet you still wouldn’t say no to some Toffoli though?
  • Second game in a row with a Toffoli goal.
  • Fourth(!) game in a row with a power play goal.
  • Suddenly Montreal has a net presence on the advantage. I’m here for it, even if we’re simultaneously all in on the tank.

Third Period:

  • Pietrangelo delays the game and another power play for the Canadiens.
  • No luck this time around.
  • Anyone looking for freedom?
  • No? No Hasselhoff fans in the building?
  • Hoffman fans then? Any of those?
  • The Habs have the lead and are currently in position for their first two-game winning streak this season.
  • Yes, it is sad that the longest current winning streak is one win.
  • But it’s the little victories...
  • There has been a streak of three games in a row with a point though.
  • Unfortunately two of those were OT-losses.
  • Wow, that was a bad sequence.
  • Missed forechecking in the neutral zone causes Josh Anderson to take a hooking penalty.
  • It literally takes seven seconds of power play time until Marchessault has tied the game up again.
  • It should never be that easy.
  • There we go!
  • It’s the little things...
  • And we’re off to overtime.


  • Monty just robbed Wild Bill.
  • What did you think, you wildling? Two goals in one night? This isn’t 2017/18.
  • Shea Theodore ends it.
  • Winning streak? Bah.
  • Finally Kent Hughes knows what it’s like to lose as a Canadien.
  • Welcome to the tank party, Kenty.

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