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Bottom Six Minutes 39: Samuel Montembeault almost does it again

For a second straight game, the Habs gave up over 50 shots, and almost won thanks to their goaltender.

Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Zak Krill/NHLI via Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens and back-to-back wins this season are mutually exclusive. After a surprise win over the Dallas Stars on Tuesday, they had a shot at the elusive feat against the Vegas Golden Knights. Though they fell short in overtime, the same player who authored that win in Dallas was a big reason they made it there in the first place.

Samuel Montembeault is that player, and he is making a compelling case either to stay in Montreal, or for a team to pay for his services.

This marks two straight games where he has had to face over 50 shots, as porous defensive coverage in front of him has failed to provide much rest. He seems to be thriving in this environment, as he has looked as calm and collected through these two busy games as he has in a Canadiens uniform.

I have to ask the same question I did after the Stars game: what would a potential contender with a goaltending deficiency pay for a reliable backup? I don’t honestly know what market there is for his services, but I have to think that multiple games of this nature would put him at least on some radars.

If you look at his last four games, he has put up .912, .903, and .941 save percentages before the .925 he put up on Thursday. If other teams aren’t taking notice of the tear he’s on, you have to think that the Habs brass is wondering about what they might want to do at the end of this season.

He was waived by the Florida Panthers this season, and now he’s putting up other-worldly performances with the worst team in the NHL in front of him. He’s making the best of his situation, and it has been a treat to watch of late.

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