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Canadiens @ Stars Top Six Minutes: That’s using your face!

Michael Pezzetta scoring with his mouth was just one of the highlights from a wild game in Dallas.

Montreal Canadiens v Dallas Stars Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I have spent most of the last two days shovelling out cars and space for a dog to pee, please let this be watchable hockey.
  • If not there’s always Plan B, which is to raid the cellar for a drink and play Switch during intermission.
  • Glad to see Tyler Toffoli back, hope he’s got some goals in him tonight

First Period

  • Oh dear I just saw the lines, and Plan B might go into action early on tonight folks.
  • At least Mike Johnson is on commentary tonight?
  • Currently the sync between sound and video on ESPN+ isn’t even close, and I’m wondering how long it’s going to last.
  • Can our defencemen please stop directing opponents into our goaltenders?
  • Hey that penalty kill wasn’t all that bad!
  • It’s really hard to not feel bad for Samuel Montembeault so far this year.
  • Ah there’s Mike Hoffman, naturally he’s going to the penalty box now.
  • Bright side, the PK did another fantastic job all the way around.
  • Well, they didn’t get scored in through the first 20 minutes!

Second Period

  • That’s certainly not the kind of chance you want to give up at the start of the period, thankfully Montembeault and his magical goal posts are there to bail out the Habs.
  • It feels like we aren’t far off from Michael Pezzetta doing that thing he does.
  • (Making dudes mad and then punching them in the face)
  • Great effort by Dauphin to send the Habs to the power play!
  • I’m actually speechless, that passing play by the Habs for Christian Dvorak’s goal was just chefs kiss
  • Holy hell, did Pezzetta just score a goal with his face?
  • Oh my god he did, what an absolute boss lmao.
  • This game makes absolutely no sense, and I am not mad at that fact.
  • Alright, more Muse at hockey games...Well played Stars game ops.
  • Monty looks pretty darn good out there right now, which now that I’ve said this, he will melt like a sno-cone in August.
  • Like clockwork.
  • Dare I get excited about this power play?
  • Well that’s what I get I suppose.
  • This should be no goal, but given the Habs luck it is 100% going to count.
  • Well I’ll be damned, they got the call right!
  • They’re really going to ruin Pez scoring the GWG with his face eh?

Third Period

  • Hey neat Toffoli scored!
  • Hey neat Dvorak scored again!
  • Okay that’s enough goals guys, my computer is struggling to keep up.
  • That’s also enough posts, you’re going to give me a heart attack fellas.
  • (Just kidding we love a Josh Anderson goal in this house)
  • Samuel Montembeault is going to take this goal post home with him after this game is over with.
  • I can’t believe Nick Suzuki is getting called for Ryan Suter throwing an old man tantrum.
  • Ah here come the Stars tantrums.
  • It’s probably right that Drouin gets called for that, but my god this game got away from the refs very very quickly.
  • Did Mike Hoffman just play...Defence?!
  • Holy heck Montembeault, what a massive pair of saves
  • This game has had absolutely everything, come on goalie goal!
  • Okay guys, put this one to bed please.
  • I like wins, wins are fun.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Just make it fun

2) You have to find inspiration wherever you can

1) A true legend