Top 6ix Minutes: plan the parade

The Habs lost a meaningless preseason game and the leafs proved that they are Stanley Cup contenders on this late September's night. Here are my observations based on twitter and the thread

Poehling looked ok

Mcniven made a nice save

The leafs goalsong sucks

Toffoli broke the shutout

Kulak also played

Three stars

1. FUCK THE LEAFS (luckypete, 5 recs)

2.I heard we had so few shots that Tyler Bertuzzi and Zach Rinaldo both requested trades here (Plec)

3. Top Tittayyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (me and Saulbu both want to see alot of top tittayyys this season)

This quote by Real Timo Sums things up well

So are they putting parade chairs on Young St already? I think after tonight it is pretty clear that leafs are going all the way this year so rest of the teams not need even bother. Just ask the leafs fans

Loved the effort here tonight guys, just need a little more work to get into regular season form. Work on those memes tomorrow ahead of our scrimmage

Finally, thanks to Justin for inspiring me to do this report

Just letting everyone know there won't be a Top Six Minutes after the game, but there will be a Bottom Six Minutes podcast and a short recap in the morning

Final score 4-1

Edit: I just realized that we did a shootout as well. We also lost that but Cole scored so that is cool

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