Top 25 Boom or Bust

While creating my top 25 list, I realized that the players which I had the most trouble ranking were, to some extent, boom or bust propositions.

These difficult to sort players fell largely into two categories:

Players that I might be ranking too high:

These players have been drafted high or have been hyped up due to accolades they'd received since being drafted. Examples include KK, Guhle, Primeau, Harris, Norlinder, and Poehling.


Players whom I might have ranked too low:

These players were not first rounders and may have received less attention than others despite producing some impressive numbers.

Examples include: Mysak, Tuch, Farrell, Dobes, Gordin, and Roy.

*I'm aware of Farrell's award winning season, but I still think it largely flies under the radar.

Comment below:

Who are the biggest boom or bust players in the top 25?

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