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Jan Myšák talks faceoffs with Tomáš Plekanec, his past year, and what he’s working on for next season

This time with the Dispatch; Jan Myšák speaks about the influence of Tomáš Plekanec, Patrik Eliáš and Joël Bouchard.

Belleville Senators v Laval Rocket Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Jan Myšák sits down and let us know about his time after the World Junior Championships, playing with the Laval Rocket and the influence of Joël Bouchard.

It is a visibly bigger and stronger Jan Myšák that we catch up with. He is putting his own weight at 83 kg (183 lbs), and he is looking after his body better than before after collaborating with a nutritionist.

The Czech player points out his need to build up his strength, both in his core and generally in order to protect the puck better.

A natural topic of conversation is a former Montreal Canadiens player, Tomáš Plekanec, and Myšák laughs as he describes the first time that he faced Plekanec in the face-off circle. “He beat me so bad!” However, this summer he worked for an hour of intense face-off practice, something that speaks not only Myšák’s dedication to improvement, but also the charitable nature of an old fan favourite in Montreal.

The time in Laval was an eye opener for Myšák, he speaks highly of Joël Bouchard and states that the coach made him see hockey in a new way. While Myšák suffered a concussion in the AHL, he credits the time spent with the team both in regards to his hockey development but also how good it was to make some new friends within the Canadiens organization.

There are many more interesting things in the podcast interview with Jan Myšák, you can listen to the full interview on your podcast provider, or use the player below.