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Canadiens @ Lightning Stanley Cup Final Game 5 Top Six Minutes: That was one helluva ride

The Habs went down swinging... and it was fun to the last minute

2021 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • All I have to say is...
  • This is crazy pants that we’re about to watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. Can you believe the Habs made it this far?!
  • I would love nothing more than Tampa’s Mayor’s plans to backfire.
  • I am totally taking Corey Perry’s advice and I’m going to have fun.
  • And, oh yeah, I hate Tampa.

First period

  • As players get ready for the anthem, my hubs said, “your boyfriend is skating by”. I may have expressed my love for Josh Anderson a few times in our house.
  • Petry is the first to give Tampa’s power play a shot. Luckily, our penalty killers are awesome.
  • Perry gets another punch to the face behind the net. Luckily, this one didn’t bust his nose back open.
  • Coleman puts Caufield in a headlock just before he goes to the bench.
  • here we go with the schoolyard antics again I see.
  • Finally, Tampa gets called for a crosscheck on Lehkonen.
  • The start of this power play is absolutely horrible and nerve-wracking.
  • Now we’re 4-on-4 as Anderson gets sent to the box for hooking Coleman.
  • This is total chaos. Habs are getting taken down left, right and centre. Is there no such thing as interference when we get this far into the playoffs?
  • Price, we need your calming magic right about now.

Second period

  • We may be starting the second period scoreless but it’s also 13-4 SOG for Tampa. Maybe bump up the shots just a smidge.
  • The refs have no choice but to call a delay of game on Savard. Guess it’s hard to ignore that one.
  • If our power play was as good as our penalty kill we’d be laughing. But alas...
  • Sergachev gets called for tripping Suzuki. Come on, pleeeaaase make this one count. I’m not above begging.
  • Anderson is everywhere again tonight — throwing the body, zooming up the ice, in front of the net. You know what that means...
  • Ugh, Colton is the first to light the lamp at 6:33.
  • Suzuki-Anderson-Caufield 3-on-1... results in nothing but two seconds of hope.
  • Habs pile on the pressure in the final minute but we’re heading to the final period 1-0.

Third period

  • This is around the time when the ol’ heartbeat really starts to pick up speed.
  • Holy Price! If a second one didn’t go in after that flurry of shots, then we’re in good shape to tie this baby up.
  • Anderson to the net and... ouch! His back/shoulder slams into the net after getting pulled down (but not really according to the refs). Slow to get up from that one. Down the tunnel, he goes.
  • Also, refs, did the Mayor of Tampa pay you off so she doesn’t look like a total fool?
  • My boyfriend Anderson’s back on the bench! Whoop!
  • Halfway mark. This is around the time to break out the brown paper bag... that my whiskey was in.
  • Gourde knocks down Suzuki and literally runs (well, skates) away as Edmundson steps up to defend him. We really are in the schoolyard here.
  • Anderson is freaking out at the refs again. Join the club, Josh. Join the club.
  • Ohh... Caufield looks like he’s hatching a plan. Interesting.
  • This is around the time when I start to totally freak out. Anybody else feeling lightheaded and have blurred vision?
  • Oh boy, Gallagher is definitely injured after that collision. Surprisingly it’s probably his knee and not his hand.
  • Ugh, gross. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Tampa Bay Lightning?
  • On the flip side, you’re right, Corey Perry, this was one fun ride you guys took us on!

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We gave it all we had. Thank you a great season, everyone!