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Canadiens vs. Jets Game 4 Top Six Minutes: Third Round Bound

The Habs sweep the Jets in dominant fashion

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens - Game Four Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • No Petry, Romanov slots in
  • Jets switching up their top six to try and get something going
  • 2500 will feel like 25,000 I swear to god...lesssssgo

First Period

  • Winnipeg jumping into the Habs’ zone early with a few quick shots on Price
  • Lehkonen in tight on Hellebuyck and the Jets take offense - small scrum ensues and I’m sure it won’t be the last of the night
  • Anderson with a hard hit on Dubois which erupts in cheers from the fans
  • A few great chances for Perry but Helle closes the door - he is looking sharp early on
  • Copp gets a stick up on Kotka and he heads to the box
  • Gustafsson scores off of a great fake and quick release! Habs up 1-0
  • Kulak called for interference
  • Hellebuyck comes charging out of the net to play the puck and prevent a short handed attempt by Danault
  • Habs are being aggressive on the puck tonight and you love to see it
  • Kotka laying the body tonight
  • Dubois called for roughing and Habs head back to the PP
  • A few looks, but no dice on this one - still 1-0
  • LEHKONEN! Look, I know I am biased but keep him in the line-up forever
  • SOG 11-7 and Habs up 2-0 to end the first

Second Period

  • Stanley scores. 2-1.
  • Stanley, I’m not kidding. 2-2.
  • Looks like there were too many men for the Jets on that last goal
  • Gustafsson off the post
  • Lehkonen-Danault-Gallagher are producing all kinds of chances tonight
  • Caufield shooting everything at the net but can’t catch a break
  • So glad we don’t play against Perry anymore - he is relentless
  • Habs not letting up despite two Jets goals - feels surreal to see this team continue to rally
  • Morrissey knocks Perry’s stick into the stands and in the confusion, Perry attempts to take JoMo’s stick instead
  • Ehlers head off for cross checking on Gally but the Habs can’t get one by Helle before the end of the second. Habs will still have some PP time to start the third. SOG 25-11 in favour of MTL and this one is tied at 2.

Third Period

  • Win the third.
  • Jets still have yet to register a shot on goal 5 mins into the period
  • I can’t handle OT. Please no.
  • Helle getting aggressive in playing the puck again
  • The Jets do not deserve to win this which makes me nervous that they will somehow win this?
  • A few more good opportunities for the Habs but Helle doing everything he can to keep the Jets in this
  • Jets with one shot on goal with 8.5 mins to go
  • Jets with three good looks but Price gets a glove on it and calms things down
  • Habs are not letting up
  • SIIIIIIGH we are going to OT


  • My nerves are shot but lessssgo
  • A couple of early chances for the Habs

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Surprise!

2) It was only a matter of time

1) Canada’s Team