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Canadiens @ Lightning Game 2 Top Six Minutes: A stronger effort goes unrewarded

Montreal played a much better game, but lack of execution comes back to haunt them.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Montreal Canadiens at Tampa Bay Lightning Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Armia is back. That should be a key.
  • Killorn is out for Tampa. That is also favourable for the Canadiens.
  • An even score going back to Montreal would help SO much.

First period:

  • Tampa just feel dangerous anytime they move into the offensive zone.
  • A few breakaways here and there, but mostly this feel like a heavyweight boxer slapping a welterweight around the ice.
  • And Petry gets penalized.
  • Annnnd Montreal kills it off.
  • New penalty. This time Paul Byron on a (soft?) slashing call.
  • Annnnd Montreal kills it off.
  • When the Mad King in Game of Thrones said: “Kill them all”, I am sure he was talking about Montreal’s defensive efforts on Tampa Bay’s power plays.
  • Byron and Cernak rough each other up and has to sit out for two.
  • Oooh, a double-minor for Ryan McDonut as he tried to break off a few of Danault’s pizza chewers with his stick.
  • What do we want? Cole Caufield! When do we want him? NOW!

Second Period:

  • Apparently Montreal had 13 shots in that first period. That’s just six shy of their production from entire Game 1.
  • North Americans really should learn more chants than “Let’s Go TEAM!”.
  • As much fun as that chant is, it tends to get just a teeny tiny bit monotonous throughout a game and/or a season.
  • Cirelli from the point with four Habs players screening Carey Price. 1-0 Tampa.
  • I don’t like Vasilevskiy. He saves too many shots.
  • The Habs are now owning this game, both in shots and in general play. Love to see it.
  • Could use a goal though. Or two, for that matter.
  • That should probably have been a major penalty on Sergachev. He shoves Lehkonen into the boards with full power. Dangerous move by the former Canadien.
  • Suuuuu-Zuuuuuu-Kiiiiii
  • Such an ugly goal. But there are no beauty rewards handed out in a Stanley Cup-final.
  • That is the reason behind Victor Hedman’s currently so scruffy looks.
  • If there were beauty rewards handed out, Carey Price would win all of them. Sorry Gally.
  • Remember when I wrote a boxing comparison at the start? Yep, it’s still accurate but right now it’s in the other direction.
  • Currently the shots statistics show 29-8 in favour of Montreal.
  • Annnd of course the Canadiens take a high-sticking penalty to invite Tampa back in.
  • Annnnd Montreal kills it off.
  • Are you for real? Allowing a goal with 0,3 seconds left in a period should be punished with feathers and tar.

Third Period:

  • Need to score there, Armia.
  • This shouldn’t even be a close game at this point.
  • Terrific glove stop by Price, denying the goalscorer Coleman on a shot from the slot.
  • One goal on 36 shots is far from enough, if you want to win the Stanley Cup.
  • It feels like this game has already had its lucky bounce.
  • This is a disaster. What a goal to let in. Again.
  • Edmundson has been a true force on the blueline for the entire playoffs, which makes a mistake like this even more difficult to grasp.
  • This is one of those losses that has the potential to sting for an entire lifetime.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Nest step: multiple shots past Vasilevskiy

2) This is probably more irksome than that last-second goal

1) Now to win the home meetings