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‘It is a dream come true’: Mattias Norlinder talks about his new NHL contract

The Swedish defenceman also discusses when he’ll be making his first appearance in Montreal.

Tommy Holl TT

In his first interview after signing with the Montreal Canadiens, Mattias Norlinder told Eyes on the Prize that he is thrilled.

“It is a dream come true, and I am very excited to sign with the Montreal Canadiens,” he said.

The Swedish defender answered some quick questions over text as he is preparing for a tough offseason training session with Frölunda tomorrow.

The session includes running up and down the infamous ski jumping slope in the middle of Gothenburg’s famous park ‘Slottskogen’.

Norlinder talked about the next steps with the new NHL contract.

“I will come down and do the preseason with Frölunda before I go over to Montreal for rookie camp,” he said. The pre-season training in Sweden will start in August and then he will come to Quebec for his first taste of North American professional hockey. He would be eligible for the team’s main training camp as well.

The main question that Norlinder faces is what will happen if he doesn’t make the NHL club.

“The plan is that I will play with Frölunda next season, but it is subject to chance depending on what Montreal says after camp.”