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Bottom Six Minutes Episode XVII: Ça sent la coupe

Your Montreal Canadiens are going to the Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL: Vegas at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

An excellent Game 5 performance from the Montreal Canadiens earned them a chance to eliminate the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night. On St-Jean Baptiste, la fête nationale du Québec, the Habs could book their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals on home ice, in front of a Montreal crowd.

They did, and they’ll play their next series for Lord Stanley for the first time since 1993. Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes.

The Habs have not been favoured in any series they’ve been in. The mainstream media has essentially written them off as mere participants in this process since the beginning. They haven’t cared one bit, and have acted as if they owned the process.

Thursday night was essentially a microcosm of their playoff run. They blew multiple leads — albeit only of the one-goal variety this time — and found a way to win it in overtime. The longer this Cinderella run has gone, the more this feels like 1993.

Like every other series of these playoffs, the Tricolore probably won’t be favoured when the finals start. But whether it is the Lightning or the Islanders on the other side, the Habs won’t care.

They haven’t cared who they face this whole time, so why start now?