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Canadiens @ Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: Nick Suzuki says, “Good Knight”

Montreal travels home in style, after winning Game 5 in T-Mobile Arena.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vegas Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • 3AM is an ungodly hour to wake up for a hockey game, even in the summer.
  • So... All tied up then. And I’m not talking about myself at 3AM.
  • Remember power plays? Yeah, me neither.
  • The fans yell “KNIGHT” in the “Star Spangled Banner”. How very clever.
  • Good luck replicating such crowd pleasers, Kraken.

First Period:

  • It’s only 38 °C in Vegas tonight. Don’t forget your sweaters, kids.
  • Josh Anderson. Speed! Power! HORSE!!
  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi – He scores when he wants.
  • Most Canadien players are in Fleury’s head right now.
  • If Montreal were to eventually lose this game, at least they’ve scored and not done... You know... Like the Isles did last night.
  • The GM of the Year-winning Isles, that is.
  • Oh, Carey Price is most definitely in many Vegas attackers’ head as well.
  • The linesman gets a puck in the face. Looks painful.
  • Maybe Chris Lee is in the audience and can replace him if necessary?

Second Period:

  • Every time Fleury is out of the net to play the puck is an instant flashback to Game 3.
  • Hey, a power play!
  • Psych! After video review it is determined that the Canadiens don’t deserve power plays.
  • That 2-0-goal is just *chef’s kiss*.
  • Caufield’s pass to Toffoli on that Fleury save was also *chef’s kiss*.
  • Carry on your wayward, Habs.
  • Mark Stone: “And what would you like for dessert?”
  • Me: “One power play, please. Red hot. With sauce.”
  • Mark S: “One power play coming up. With extra sauce!”
  • Me: “Gee. Thanks Mark! That’s almost too much... But I’ll take it!”
  • First the young prodigy assists an old veteran. Then an old veteran serves another young prodigy.
  • The Canadiens of 2021 is like if a kindergarten and a retirement home merged.
  • Conference Finals. Montreal Canadiens. 3-0 in Game 5. Let’s breathe deeply and enjoy this moment.
  • The play-by-play just mentioned it, but it feels eerily quiet to be a full house. A reminder of the strange regular season.
  • Maybe the spectators just left to hit the slots instead?
  • Keep it clean now. Don’t give Vegas a breath of air. Let them sweat into the period break.
  • Normally, making them sweat would involve NOT awarding the opponents a power play, but right now Vegas are probably getting more frustrated playing 5-on-4.

Third Period:

  • Great shot by Pacioretty.
  • He tricked everyone in the arena when he fanned on his first attempt.
  • Let’s get ready to rumble.
  • Oh, the crowd suddenly woke up from their slumber.
  • A two-goal lead against a resurrected opponent is agony.
  • You better watch out.
  • You better not cry.
  • The seconds are ticking away, slowly but surely.
  • Every second Montreal establishes possession out of their own zone is a welcome breather from the defensive zone faceoffs.
  • Fleury is out.
  • “Nick Suzuki says: Good Knight”
  • #GoHabsGo
  • Eleven down. Five to go.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) This is the best game plan

2) And Kotkaniemi, too!

1) Perfect road game