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Canadiens @ Jets Top Six Minutes: Taking the first one

The Montreal Canadiens took game one with a dominating 5-3 win, but the focus is now on the health of Jake Evans.

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens - Game One Photo by David Lipnowski/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I still can’t believe we are heading into the second round
  • Lehkonen still out which hurts my soul a lil bit

First Period

  • I have said it before and I will say it again - Ehlers and Connor scare me more than Matthews and Marner *shrug*
  • Both sides playing pretty defensive hockey to start as they feel one another out
  • Petry with a great pass to Kotkaniemi who tips it in past Hellebuyck - Habs up 1-0 less than 4 minutes into the game!
  • DeMelo is out with a lower body injury - tough break for Winnipeg there for sure and leaves a big hole in their top pairing - Habs need to take advantage of that
  • Perry to Staal and the Habs are up 2-0...what is happening?
  • Lowry scores shorthanded.
  • Price with a few great saves to keep the Habs in the lead
  • Suzuki and Toffoli in on a 2 on 1, Suzuki just shows some amazing patience and squeaks it by Helle’s pad to make the game 3-1

Second Period

  • Jets start the second on the PP
  • Perreault helped off the ice after a shot by Weber - looks like it got him off the inside of the knee and he heads down the tunnel
  • Chiarot really doing his best to aggravate his old teammates and I am here for it
  • Perreault already back on the ice after that Oscar-worthy performance and Perry is making sure he knows it
  • HUGE save by Price on a 2 on 1
  • Kotkaniemi called for...? Refs doing ref things
  • Lowry left a while ago and has yet to return to the bench
  • Helle looking a bit more solid now
  • Habs still peppering the Jets, not letting up which is great to see
  • Strong final push from the Jets and some fisticuffs as the whistle blows to end the second
  • Habs up 3-1

Third Period

  • Forget that amen, can I get a “Carey Price”?
  • Jets really putting some pressure on now
  • Kulak couldn’t clear, Dubois gets it over to Forbert who scores. Looks like Petry put up the screen, 3-2.
  • Caufield on the breakaway and Morrissey accidentally knocks the puck over the glass so the Habs head to the PP
  • Weber on the breakaway (yes, you read that right) but it’s Gallagher who drives the net and knocks it past Hellebuyck, Habs up 4-2
  • Habs D have 6 points tonight alone...but I’d still like to see Romanov
  • Scheifele with a wicked crosscheck to Chiarot who then gets upset when Benny hits him back. Habs back to the PP. Let’s end them.
  • Ehlers to Connor - we are going to hear this a lot more before this is all over. 4-3.
  • Jets pull the goaltender
  • Evans heads in to get the empty netter and Scheifele flattens Evans in an absolutely vicious play then has the AUDACITY to get upset about being sent off the ice. He better be done for the rest of the god damn year.
  • Scheif gets a major and game misconduct and Habs finish the game on the PP.
  • Habs win 5-3 but where there sholud be joy is only concern for Evans.

Highlight of the Fricken Game

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The perfect note for the situation. Well done to everyone involved.

2) Great game for Suzuki and linemate Caufield

1) Unfortunately, the night also ends on a sombre note. Hopefully the birthday boy is okay.