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Canadiens @ Golden Knights Game 1 Top Six Minutes: The Casino wins big

Vegas takes control of the final 40 and claims Game 1.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vegas Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal in the Stanley Cup semifinal, who would have thought?

First Period

  • Good start; all lines seems to be working.
  • Romanov draws a penalty for a high stick, ferocious forecheck on that penalty kill from Vegas.
  • The Tsar with a big hit on Pietrangelo, who defenately didn’t expect that.
  • More big chances for Montreal, they need to get one into the net soon.
  • Come on refs, you got to call some things.
  • ... and the bad guys takes the lead.
  • Gallagher with a danerous shot, as Montreal tries to get their game started again.
  • Weber starts, and joins, the counter attack.
  • The set face-off plays from Vegas are really good.
  • Danault to the box.

Second Period

  • Another power play for the Knights, as Chiarot lifts the puck over the glass.
  • ... and Vegas scores seconds after Montreal is back at full strength. 2-0 bad guys.
  • Big Ed to the box, for something.
  • Byron with a counter attack, and a call. Four on four hockey.
  • Kulak to the box, they can’t take minor penalties like this.
  • Montreal power play, Cole Caufield... Caufiled again, GOAL!!!!
  • What happened? 3-1 Knights. Damn Swedes.
  • Another Price save.
  • Repeat.

Third Period

  • After a strong first period, the Canadiens has been found on the back heel. The start of the third looks to be more of the same.
  • Producer thought it was a goal and set all the graphics on, but the post saved Montreal...
  • ... but another defencive breakdown gives Vegas the 4-1 goal.
  • Can they stop icing the puck?
  • Weber injured?
  • Empty net with four plus minutes to go.
  • Caufield and Suzuki, get used to it for the next couple of years.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Three or four would be good in Game 2

2) Also could do with some more of that

1) Current count: 1