Absolute disgraceful losing to the Sens.

Sens missing their best dman, two young undersized dman and the Habs can't mustard more than a few chances. This team was never ready to play this game. I wonder if they were all out drinking all day. So anyone that thinks this team is a in the playoff better give their head a shake. I can see the Habs losing their last four game. If Calgary runs the board they are in. Hell they only need to win 5 of their last six game. This was a much win game but the Habs are hoping they back into the playoff.

So why can't the fans who pay $350.00 for tickets, say well I really don't feel like paying that tonight. I think maybe I' ll pay, $50. How about the GM saying, I don't feel like paying your full salary this month, I think I just pay 50%.. Seems to be okay for the players to say, we really don't feel like playing tonight and they don't. If the Habs do back into the playoffs ,instead of winning their way. Expect them to will be out in four straight.

The last thing I want to say on this horrible disgrace is passing. Why are the Habs the worst passing team on the planet. I see peewee teams that can pass better. Is Dom to afraid as a rookie coach to make them do passing drills. Watch Tampa they can pass. Watch Boston they can pass. Watch Toronto they can pass. You know why they can't score. They can't even make a 3 foot wide open pass. It will 9 times out of 10, ends up in the players skates. Scotty Bowman with the greatest team ever, had high speed passing drills.Why in the hell can't this team practise passing. As a Habs fan the only word that describes this effort is disgraceful.

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