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Canadiens @ Senators Top Six Minutes: Embarrassed in Ottawa

At least it was the last chance the Senators had to embarrass the Canadiens.

Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators Photo by Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

The Ottawa Senators are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. They might be the best bad team in the NHL right now. I take great comfort in the fact that the OT loss in that record was handed to them by the Montreal Canadiens.

Namely, by Cole Caufield. I think I speak for the majority of Habs fans when I say that a little overtime action tonight wouldn’t be so bad.

If not, at least this is the last Ottawa game of the season.

First Period

  • Victor Mete is on the top pair for the Senators. Either the Habs gave up a top pair D-man or the Senators are just that weak. You be the judge.
  • I’m not really sure, but I do wonder if I could crack the Senators roster.
  • I think I could crack the taxi squad.
  • Tyler Toffoli just gifted Josh Norris a high danger chance in the slot. Jake Allen with an A+ save to make sure Toffoli’s gift is worthless.
  • Remember when the Habs backup goalies played like a rotating cast of beer league heroes who get paid $15 per night? Fun times.
  • Oh look it’s 1-0 Ottawa. Shocked that the Habs gave up the first goal.
  • Even more shocking is the fact that Shane Pinto just scored his first career goal. Against the Habs. I look forward to it also being his first hat trick.
  • The Sens had a completely unnecessary amount of goal horn going there. Pinto scoring basically is their Stanley Cup right now.
  • Jake Allen just gave a gift of his own to Ottawa in the Habs zone and then made a diving save to take it back. If you want him for your beer league I’m guessing probably $1000 per night at least.
  • Tyler Toffoli just got robbed by Anton Forsberg. If he can’t score I don’t know who will.
  • Now I know who will. How could I not? Noted sniper Joel Edmundson makes it 1-1

Second Period

  • Josh Anderson with an ill-advised tripping penalty to get things going here. The best bad team in the North doesn’t need opportunities here.
  • Pretty ugly kill but they got it done.
  • Oh... Brady Tkachuk scores anyways. 2-1 Ottawa and now 1000 people are writing tweets about how the Habs picked Kotkaniemi over him.
  • This might be the worst period of hockey I’ve seen the Habs play this season.
  • If you’ve watched this team all season, you know how bad that makes this period.
  • If they can just get this thing to OT, Bilbo looks like he’s ready to do his thing.
  • Now Jon Merrill takes a high sticking penalty...
  • It was actually his glove hitting Tim Stutzle’s visor, but apparently the rookie is quite skilled at throwing his head back.
  • Habs kill it again. This time they don’t immediately allow a goal after the kill either. Progress!
  • Of course, Nick Paul scores to make it 3-1 with just over 5 seconds to play in the period. The road to overtime just got longer than it needed to be.
  • I don’t know what’s going on with the Ottawa goal horn but it seems infinitely more obnoxious than normal. They know they’re eliminated from the playoffs, right?

Third Period

  • Good start for the Habs. Would have been nice if they played the second period with this kind of urgency.
  • Oh man, a linesman just took a puck to the throat. I highly respect the fact that he champed it out and went right back to work.
  • He didn’t even throw his head back as violently as Stutzle did when his visor was touched. Impressive.
  • Aaaaand Connor Brown scores. 4-1 Ottawa, cover your ears because here goes the obnoxious goal horn.
  • Might as well just head home at this stage. Either that or everyone start throwing their heads back and try to get some power plays.
  • Oh. 5-1. Joel Edmundson just got embarrassed by Alex Formenton and now his goal seems silly by contrast.
  • First penalty against Ottawa comes as the game is already over. Someone forgot to tell these refs to officiate the score.
  • Also forgot to tell the Habs to throw their heads back more.
  • Power play there was about as embarrassing as the overall effort from Montreal tonight. A well deserved L, taken.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

1) Indeed. His name is Fiar Fiarsson, who was imported from Sweden and is the highest paid Zamboni driver in the world. He also runs the goal horn in Ottawa.

2) Until Connor Brown had to go and ruin the perfect set up, anyways.

1) He attended Tauchschule in Germany. Top of his class.