KK - the Rodney Dangerfield of the Habs?

I like this player. As I watch his play this season, there is inconsistency. Some bad reads in d-zone. Face-off % that can be great or horrible, but rarely just OK. He brings a physical element that many other younger players don't exhibit. On some nights (maybe not enough for many people) he has a very good to excellent FO%. He has a good shot - needs a quicker release to make it a great shot. He is a great passer from what I've seen and can be physical.

However, he has had the most inconsistent group of forwards thru this season. A game or two with an elite player, or once i believe 2 - but generally his mates are anyone on the roster. Suzuki (I like this player too) has had more consistent assignments with among the top talent on the team. Setting him up for success. A few times, KK has been assigned to the wing with Danault - a move I really dislike. Now the media and fans are squealing that KK hasn't scored in a number of games, etc, etc. A pretty lofty expectation when we really haven't seemed to set KK up for success.

I know fans are salivating at the thought of a Suzuki and CC pairing - but what about KK. When does he finally get some top flight talent on his wings who can take some of his excellent passes and convert them to goals?

I see 90-24-11, 17-14-22, 73-15-40 and 62-71-94 as the playoff starting roster. 8-6, 44-26 and 27-77 on D.

The team has lots of depth up and down the line-up. Please let's stop treating KK like Dangerfield. Let's give him the respect he deserves. I can't wait to see him over the next few years as he starts to evolve into a dominant centre like a Kopitar. Go Habs Go!!

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