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Canadiens @ Maple Leafs Game 7 Top Six Minutes: Dream the impossible dream

Now that’s how you pull off a comeback!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • We made it to Game 7!!
  • The impossible was possible after all.
  • I don't know if this feeling in my stomach is excitement or dread.
  • It’s definitely excitement...
  • But it could be dread...

First period

  • Come on boys, let’s get what we came for!
  • Price was literally not ready when the game started. He turned around and the game was already going on.
  • Luckily, he was ready enough to stop a Marner shot.
  • Chiarot just... checked himself into the boards?
  • Shots are even but we’re not looking overly organized. So... it’s dread. Definitely dread.
  • Thankfully the Leafs are looking just as nervous. As they should. It’s quite the curse they’re working against tonight. Muahahaha... (yes, that’s my evil laugh).
  • Somebody tell the Habs that Campbell can’t hold onto a rebound to save his life.

Second period

  • Gallagher has three shots on goal tonight. I feel like we’re finally getting a Gally goal tonight
  • And there it is! Gally goes five-hole to open the scoring!
  • Price robs Hyman twice and it’s just so awesome.
  • It’s excitement... definitely excitement.
  • Anderson misses a wide-open net. You know what would be fun? If Anderson found his fire again.
  • Chiarot takes a puck to the foot. Don’t worry, he didn’t do it to himself this time.
  • Playoff Price helps ease my anxiety.
  • I’m loving seeing the Leafs’ top line flounder. Love. It.
  • Habs head to the first power play of the night.
  • Suzuki’s shot bounces off Perry’s knee and right past Campbell for a power-play goal!

Third period

  • Good news: we’re starting the period with a 2-0 lead.
  • Bad news: we’re starting the period with on the penalty kill.
  • Really good news: we’re still 2-0.
  • A turnover creates panic but Price foils Hyman’s plan once again.
  • We’re at the midway mark and we’re holding steady at 2-0.
  • It’s excitement... definitely excitement.
  • Weber gets called for interference and gives the Leafs another shot at the power play.
  • It’s dread... definitely dread.
  • Game 7 nerves must be getting to Marner. How else can you explain these awesomely humorous plays?
  • Killed it!
  • Campbell heads to the bench. Cue the skyrocketing anxiety.
  • Toffoli with the empty-netter!!
  • Nylander ruins Price’s shutout with 1:36 to go.
  • It’s been over 6,000 days since the Leafs last won a series. Keep the counter going because...
  • ...Round 2 here we come!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) What a key performance from the rookie

2) And he had it

1) Make Benefit Glorious City of Montreal