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Canadiens @ Maple Leafs Game 3 Top Six Minutes: Outgunned once more

The Price was right, but it wasn’t enough to buy a win.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • We’re bringing in Clutch Caufield! Things are getting serious now.
  • Series is 1-1. What we need is the teamwork and back-checking from Game 1.
  • And playoff Price to keep showing up.
  • And more Josh Anderson, please.

First period

  • Oohhh...we’re starting with an Anderson, Danault, Lehkonon line. I’m already on board.
  • Galchenyuk gets a double minor for high sticking Gallagher’s face. Guess the bromance is over.
  • Caufield off the post! We just may see a Cole Goal tonight.
  • And that was the only attempt we got on a four-minute power play. That was a bad power play even by Habs standards.
  • Gally with the best shot he’s had all playoffs and it’s not quite high enough to get past Campbell. Next time don’t be so fancy. A plain ol’ Gally goal will do just fine.
  • Lehky with a puck over the glass penalty. Oh, Lehky.
  • Playoff Price just reached a whole new level with that in-air paddle save on Spezza!
  • Lehky heads to the room after a collision between his head and Sandin’s shoulder at the blueline.
  • Toffoli gets the lamest “unsportsmanlike conduct” I’ve ever seen. Not this again, refs.

Second period

  • Ugh, Lehkonen’s done for the night. It was an accident so...
  • Sandin will have to answer the “code” now, right? Fair’s fair.
  • Price is making a save as Perry goes crashing into him. Luckily Price squeezed tight and didn’t cross the goal line. Still 0-0.
  • But, not Perry heads to the room as Anderson serves a hi-stick penalty for Perry.
  • I feel like this is about to really start going downhill.
  • Nylander makes it a 1-0 game after his shot deflects off of Chiarot’s skate.
  • The Habs haven’t even reached double digits for SOG and we’re halfway through the period.
  • At least Perry’s back on the bench.
  • Get. Out. Of. Your. Zone.
  • Price is the only thing that’s keeping me from completely pulling my hair out in frustration right now.
  • Suzuki gets us on the board to tie it up! Bless you, Nick. One tiny bald spot is not a big deal.
  • Rielly takes the lead. *feels growing bald spot *
  • Price with a flurry of saves on Matthews and Marner. Love it.
  • A pileup ensues behind the net and, oh good, we’re treated to another nauseating Auston smile amidst all the bodies.
  • Anderson, Chiarot and Brodie head to the box for roughing.

Third period

  • Playoff Price continues to show up. Let’s hope the rest of his team does in this period.
  • Well, I’m getting Playoff Price and 14 minutes of Anderson ice time so I think it’s time to add to my wishlist...
  • More Habs goals and throw in a win just for fun.
  • Why isn’t anybody shooting?!
  • Gallagher with the best shot this period but couldn’t tie it up.
  • It must be some kind of sneak attack plan by the Habs to finally up the energy this late in the game.
  • Four minutes left. Let’s do this Caufield. Or anybody.
  • I guess we can wait until tomorrow’s game.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) A dangerous player all night long

2) He gave them their chance

1) This is the biggest question