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Eyes On The Prize enters into agreement with The Sick Podcast

Montreal sports radio personality joins forces with our staff of writers and podcasters.

Eyes On The Prize is happy to announce a cross-promotion agreement with The Sick Podcast, featuring Tony Marinaro, through the Montreal Canadiens’ playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Tony Marinaro is one of the most prominent sports radio voices in Montreal, with his exuberant personality, hard-hitting questions, and ability to entertain his audience. The Sick Podcast provides Tony with a more open medium to focus on particular topics, and to welcome a wide array of guests, most notably a recent interview with former Canadiens player Mike Ribeiro who opened up to Tony about his life story.

Eyes On The Prize, part of the SB Nation family of sports sites and under the ownership of VOX Media, is the most comprehensive online publication on the Montreal Canadiens organization, providing a wide breadth of coverage, including our regular audio journal Habsent Minded, and special feature European podcast PuckDrop Productions.

This agreement will facilitate cross-promotion between the two parties, with the Sick Podcast being featured on EOTP, while our roster of talented writers will be available as guests.

We look forward to the new opportunities that this cross-promotion agreement will offer.