Habs vs. Leafs 1st Round Predictions

Jumping the gun a little here, but assuming it will be habs vs. Leafs for round one, let's make our predictions.

Unfortunately, the poll option is no longer available for fan-posts. Maybe EOTP folks could create a survey if they are inclined.

The best we could perhaps do is to divide the comment section into two threads.

I'll simply enter two options (habs will win the series/ Leafs will win the series) and everyone could respond to the thread that they are backing and record the amount of games they are predicting. I could crunch the numbers before game one.


The Habs will win the series

reply: "Habs in 6 games, because......

next reply: "Habs in 4! because I looked into a puddle yesterday and saw .....


The Leafs will win the series:

reply: "Leafs in 7 games, because....

next reply: "Leafs in 5 games, my sources tell me....

Please refrain from the "if this happens, the habs will win, but if this happens the Leafs will win" safe approach. The point is to make a prediction and have some bragging rights after the series is over, so choose a team!!!

Enjoy the hostilities my friends:-)

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