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The Dispatch: “I am talking with Mattias about being a better poker player” - Roger Rönnberg

The Swedish defence prospect prepares for the next stage of the post-season.

Tommy Holl TT

Frölunda managed to win the deciding game of the play-in series against Djurgården, and had a short practice to prepare themselves for the upcoming quarterfinal against Rögle. For once Frölunda is seen as an underdog. They’re a team that hasn’t gotten everything to click during the regular season and will look to surprise the second seed team in the playoffs.

Montreal Canadiens prospect Mattias Norlinder has been the talk of the town after the series against Djurgården, in the second game Norlinder struggled defensively but he also shone with a highlight reel goal:

Frölunda head coach Roger Rönnberg describes Norlinder’s development this season, in regards to injuries and stepping up to the SHL from HockeyAllsvenskan. It wouldn’t be a conversation with Mr. Rönnberg without one of his analogies, and this time he says; “I am talking with Mattias about being a better poker player, actually. To know when he has the cards to go all in, and when he needs to fold.”

This is where Frölunda’s coach thinks Norlinder has the most opportunity to improve. He needs to learn to read the situation right.

He also gives some advice where Montreal fans should pay extra attention in Norlinder’s game against Rögle. The seven game series starts on Saturday at 9am Eastern time.