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Canadiens vs. Oilers Top Six Minutes: Welcome home, Eric Staal!

Montreal comes back from a two-goal deficit before their newest asset buries the OT-winner.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports


  • Welcome Eric Staal! We like rugged former super stars here in Montreal, just so you know. Just ask Corey Perry. Or Ilya Kovalchuk for that matter.
  • Speaking of old and rugged, Mike Smith starts in goal for the guests. He played OHL hockey when Y2K was a hot topic.

First period:

  • Yes, yeeees. I like what I’m seeing. Just pepper Smith with shots. Sooner or later, the veteran will cave.
  • To paraphrase my preferred Georgian singer (come on, we all got one right?) Diana Gurtskaya: “Say it out loud, goals will come. Everybody shout, goals will come. Blow the trumpet, beat the drum. Goals will come.”
  • Apparetly, Smith hasn’t played this well in almost a decade.
  • This ain’t no normal NHL fourth line. KK is buzzing.
  • Mark my words: if your last name is Nurse, you should be caring for others instead of picking fights with Gally.
  • Annnnd Gally has left the building. Possible hand injury after trying to redirect a Romanov slapper.
  • Feels like 90 per cent of this game is being played in the Edmonton zone. Just score already!!!
  • This is a stupid game.
  • How much does Edmonton deserve to be in the lead? Zero per cent.
  • Fourteen shots against five. Zero goals against one. Stupid, just stupid.
  • “When you stop and tame your rage, something’s gotta change. Something’s gotta change”

Second period:

  • Brendan Gallagher is out for the remainder of the game. If it’s serious, we may see Cole Caufield in the big league sooner rather than later.
  • Wow, I did not expect McDavid to put it wide from an open position in the slot like... ever. But thanks!
  • Don’t be injured now, Carey...
  • Edmonton has entered the contest. Puljujarvi hits the post.
  • Much less one-sided this period. Unfortunately.
  • Perry to the box for... standing near the goalie? Apparently that counts as roughing these days.
  • Price robs hmoetown kid Chiasson from up close.
  • Yup, Carey seems to be doing better. Thank the Easter bunny for that.
  • Power play. Here we go. Show us your magic, Alex Burrows and Eric Staal.
  • Come on. Wrong kind of magic, Staal. Eleven seconds of power play naturally did not result.
  • Four-on-four should fit Edmonton. Careful now.
  • It’s like McDavid has jet fuel attached to his back.
  • Eddy to the bx and it smells like another Edmonton goal might come right now,
  • That save was something else. Did I say rob Chiasson on the first one? What superlative could I use here then? Two pad stack and helmet flying off.
  • Darnell Nurse scores with three seconds left of the Habs penalty kill and ten seconds left of the period. Good night.
  • Apparently goals will not come. At least not for the home side.

Third period:

  • Scratch that last line. GOAL HABS GOAL!
  • The power horse strikes again, this time from the crease.
  • “Josh is on fire. Your defence is terrified”
  • You know what time it is? It’s Tuna Time!
  • It’s tied-game time!
  • It’s Tomas freakin’ Tatar in the top corner. A beauty from our favourite Slovak.
  • Dear momentum swing, please stay put where you are now.
  • Perry’s been shaken up. No more injuries, please.
  • Does McDavid play 40 minutes per night? It feels like he’s always on the ice.
  • Lesson learned tonight: You don’t want to be in the way of Alex Romanov’s shot. With a little more poise and accuracy, that kid could eventually become a reaper from the point.
  • Can we get more than eleven seconds on thie power play? What do you say, Eric Staal?
  • Well, 37 seconds IS better than 11. There’s no denying that.
  • So Montreal has had 48 seconds of power play time in this game.
  • I bit my nails down to the bone during that 37 second Oilers’ power play, but the Habs scraped through.
  • I love Paul Byron’s speed.
  • And I love Josh Anderson’s speed just as much.
  • Jeremy Clarkson must love Josh Anderson; it’s all speed and power.


  • Victor Mete is made for this type of hockey.
  • Mike Smith has impressive stamina for an older guy.
  • Next time we face the Oilers, could you be a doll and put that Finnish guy back in net, Tippett?
  • Number 41 stops number 41 from being the hero.
  • I’m getting such Kovalchuk vibes right now, it’s crazy!
  • Staal ends the game and the Habs scores in overtime for the first time this season.
  • You’ve done good, Bergy.

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