Time to take the game out of the refs hands

I been watching hockey since 1962, when I first started as a, 5 year old. My father and grandfather were big leafs fans. Some how I feel in love with the Montreal Canadiens. I credit my grandmother with keeping me alive lol. Over the last few years I find the refs are taking a bigger stance on deciding hockey games. Tim Peel is the proof and don't think after, 14 years this was his first time making up a call. Do you really think he was the only ref doing this.

So here is a simple solution . No more man shortages when a player takes a penalty. When a player takes a penalty, it's 5 minutes in the box. If he takes another in the same game, it's 10 minutes. If he takes a third, it's a ejection from the game. If he takes the third penalty in the last 10 minutes of the game, it' s that game and another.

No player in the NHL wants to be sitting for 5 minutes and especial 10 minutes. Hockey is meant to be played with, 3 forwards, 2 defencemen ,and a goalie. Powerplays are boring , with a team trying to set up in the offensive zone, and the other team trying to shoot the puck down the ice. Hockey is best played free flowing and with the pressure off the refs, they will call more hocking ,holding and especially interference penalties. This will open the game up more and we'll have a much better product and scoring will go up. Will this ever happen, properly not but one can dream.

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