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Canadiens vs. Leafs Top Six Minutes: Bullied at the Bell Centre

Once again the Habs followed up a huge win with a disappointing performance.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Hoping Jonathan Drouin works through whatever it is that he’s going through, the past year or so hasn’t be an easy on anyone, let alone a person playing a high level sport
  • Let’s see what the Caufield-Suzuki-Toffoli line can do eh?
  • Predicting a chippy affair, Toronto seems to have leaned into playing with an edge so this game has all the potential in the world to get nasty.
  • Two point night for Josh Anderson?

First Period

  • I have no idea what is happening because NHL TV has refused to work, I hope the game is fun!
  • It’s apparently not!
  • Okay guys, maybe after giving up a goal you shouldn’t immediately give up an odd-man rush as well.
  • Hey, a power play though, this should help!
  • (It did not)
  • How the hell did Auston Matthews score on that shot?
  • Oh, I really wish Josh Anderson had buried that, all the set up to that shot was beautiful.
  • Hey cool I got the game to play on my computer, and somehow I’m going to regret that aren’t it?
  • Again, not a coach, but allowing Matthews to get in alone on Jake Allen feels like a really bad idea.
  • I really want Eric Staal to work, but it really feels like it’s not going to.
  • Well, maybe period two will be much better?

Second Period

  • Much better start, but let’s turn those expected goals into actual goals please.
  • Really gotta hope Joe Thornton didn’t break his hip on the way down to the ice on that Jon Merrill penalty.
  • The Habs penalty kill is...good?
  • And of course, against the flow of play, Toronto scores again...I hate it here
  • Can someone teach Eric Staal to play like Thornton, even slightly?
  • Well, at least there’s Joel Armia I suppose!
  • NHL officiating continues to be an absolute farce, Jake Evans gets drilled square in then numbers, and there’s no call.
  • WHEWWWW what a rip by Nick Suzuki!
  • It’s not a goal, but that’s an emphatic end to the period by Josh Anderson, what a hit on Morgan Rielly.

Third Period

  • Maybe if I start the third period by eating a handful of cookies it will help, and if it doesn’t at least I have a handful of cookies right?
  • Needless to say, this is a massive power play for the Habs.
  • What the hell, this should be a four minute power play, but it’s not because reasons I suppose
  • Maybe it’s better that was only a two minute power play if that is the result.
  • Jake Evans remains outstanding however.
  • Are you actually kidding me Jake Allen, you’ve done so well all night and then you go and do that.
  • At least give us a Caufield goal for sitting through this mess please?
  • Or take a penalty, definitely the same thing.
  • That’s a massive let down of a game after the win over Calgary, but that’s the only consistent part of the Habs season I suppose.
  • Back at it on Friday then, once more unto the breach dear friends.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) At least they got their Matthews highlight

2) Another helping hand from the Minty Sens