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Canadiens @ Flames Top Six Minutes: Burned out

The Habs were tired, and the game was bad. That is all.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to have a conversation with the person(s) responsible for NHL game scheduling, post haste. I’d like to discuss why they felt it appropriate to have a Montreal Canadiens game begin at 11pm Eastern time, only to have one at 9pm Eastern time the very next night. I believe this is cruel and unusual punishment to all stakeholders in the East, which is of course the only time zone that matters.

Of course, it stands to be a bit of a problem for the players themselves as well, but this is about me now. I am entitled to my entitlements, one of which is the rest of the country adopting my time zone regardless of that meaning they don’t see the sun until 11AM or whatever. Make it happen, Trudeau.

Canadiens and Flames, let’s see if they make all of this worth our my while.

First Period

  • Jake Allen gets the start tonight because it would be absurd to ask Carey Price to play again less than 24 hours after his last start.
  • Except last year they totally would have done that anyways.
  • There is about as much going on in this first period as there is in downtown Montreal right now.
  • It’s after curfew, so to be clear that means literally nothing. Maybe a few people getting fines.
  • Speaking of fines, I’d like to charge several thousand dollars to the Calgary Flames organization for making me look at these hideous jerseys. Looks like the German national squad bought an CFL expansion team.
  • There have been 10 total shots and there’s less than five minutes to go...
  • A power play? A thing may happen folks!
  • Lol no. But too much man against the Habs so maybe the German fire breathing horse people will do something.
  • Also no, but they’ll get to continue trying when we return.

Second Period

  • If you guessed that the fiery horse guys would do nothing with their man advantage, congratulations! You win nothing, though.
  • Well Josh Leivo did something thanks to a boneheaded line change from the Canadiens. 1-0 for the burning donkey people.
  • At the current shot rate, we will be lucky if the total amount of shots can even equal what the Habs put up in Vancouver last night.
  • If things don’t start happening in this game I’m just going to bash these Flames jerseys for the rest of the TSM.
  • The logo looks like something Marvel not only rejected for the Captain Marvel movie, but they fired the guy who suggested it and he just kinda drifted around North America trying to sell it before finding Calgary.
  • If I were a multi-billionaire, I would offer to buy them the new arena they’ve been looking for on the condition that it be shaped like that flame breathing ant-eater they’re wearing.
  • Apparently Leivo is the only one doing anything tonight. 2-0 thanks to a Shea Weber giveaway.
  • If anyone can explain to me how it’s fair for a team to be ending the second period earlier in the day than they started the game they played the night before, that would be cool. Whoever schedules this league is on LSD.

Third Period

  • Shutouts are cool. I hear if you say the word shutout three times, it conjures a fire-breathing donkey skull that melts the ice and the game ends as a forfeit for Calgary since they are responsible for said ice. Shutout.
  • If I were Jake Allen, I’d be pissed that I have to have the most tired team to ever play a game of hockey in front of me.
  • I absolutely did not want to see Josh Anderson fight Milan Lucic. I did not think that I would ever have to see that, but here we are.
  • And if anyone got a spark from that fight it sure seems like it was the Flames.
  • I hate this game.
  • Woah, woah, woah. Now. Corey Perry just made this thing interesting. 2-1. Just when I thought I was out... They pull me back in.
  • A Habs power play, you say? Is this game salvageable?
  • Lol, no. At least not on that wide open door the Flames left for it to be.
  • Aaaand Paul Byron gets called for slashing because the Flames don’t like holding their sticks. Guess they’re too hot from flaming donkey breath or something.
  • That’s all she wrote. I hope to never see those Flames jerseys again.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Make that a double helpin’

2) He still looks like a Star to me

1) Always appreciate the effort, ladies