Turn that line upside down!

Hello miserable habs' fans!

Seeing that we have a new coach who could re-write the habs, I wanted to have some fun/ creative line talk: not just tweaking, but blowing things up.

What lines would you love to see, just to find out what would happen?

Here are my crazy line combos and a bit of my logic or lack thereof. I am intending to play the top three lines fairly evenly, rather than rolling four lines.

Toffy / Danault/ Anderson:

Does it matter who Anderson plays with? He's going to charge the net like a bull and score (no coddling required). Toffy as well, will score on just about any line. Danault can focus on shutting people down and feed passes to two speedsters. We make concessions to certain other players in order to "get them going", so why not throw Phil a bone? If Phil turns it around, this line could be terrifying and draw the other teams' top line away from Suzuki and KK.

Poehling / Suzuki/ Armia

Bet this never crossed your mind. Just want to see Suzuki feed pucks to two big wingers who can shoot it. More importantly, I don't want him to face the other team's top lines, so get him away from Anderson, Drouin, Toffy. I am picturing pre-concussion Armia here: the guy I saw last year. Also taking a gamble on Poehling; thinking that he may get a lot of shots with Suzuki feeding him.

Drouin/ KK/ Gallagher:

Really want to see what Drouin can do against weaker competition, so get him away from Suzuki, Anderson. No idea about the chemistry between KK and Gallagher: have they ever been introduced? Gallagher on any line will stick his butt in the goalie's face and score like a blue collar beast (Anderson principles apply). Young KK could learn a lot from these two vastly different wingers (development!).

Byron/ Evans/ Perry:

Perry every game? Yes, this line would see fewer minutes, so Perry would have time to recharge on the bench. Give me Paul Byron's speed on any line, but I couldn't find a spot for him anywhere but here. Switch him with Poehling when need be and you have an interesting new look on Suzuki's line. Byron and Evans would also be my go to for PK work so that the top 3 lines don't get burnt out doing god's work.

Lehks and Tuna can share a taxi.

Hoping to hear your thoughts. What lines would you dare to create which no coach would ever consider due to their hockey grain.

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