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Canadiens vs. Canucks Top Six Minutes: Toffoli continues his assault on Vancouver

And takes over the NHL top scorer spot while he’s at it.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Remember Monday night? That was a whole lotta fun. Let’s do that again.

First period

  • This is Weber’s 1000th NHL game. I think that’s cause for celebration so let’s do this up right and see a big ‘ol Weber bomb. I’d let that one slide past if I were you, Demko.
  • We have a goalie switch up tonight. Hey, Demko, did you know that Allen has a 1.68GAA? Just sayin’.
  • Rumour has it that Josh Anderson has roadrunner in his blood.
  • A little 5-on-3 the Habs. Perfect time to open the scoring, fellas.
  • Five-on-four is a good time too...
  • I’ll also take a 5-on-5 goal.
  • Anderson (aka Big Roadrunner) hears my plea and opens the scoring.
  • No rest for the wicked! Big Roadrunner also has eagle eyes as he notches his second of the period on his very next shift!

Second period

  • Roussel heads to the box after a knee-on-knee hit on Petry. Low blow dude. Low blow.
  • Vancouver gets on the board. No biggie. Allen only let one in last time. That’s your one.
  • Gallagher so close to getting back the two-goal lead.
  • Allen robs Horvat. I told you. One is all you get. Just give up now.
  • Drouin is the first to give the Canucks a power play.
  • Time for a little four-on-four after Lehkonen draws a penalty to even it up. Well played, Lehky.
  • Toffoli continues his assault on the Canucks as he notches his 7th goal of the season... against Vancouver that is.
  • Yes, I asked for a Weber bomb. I didn’t realize I had to specify that I didn’t want it to go through Gally.
  • He may not have pretty breakaway goals, but Toffoli just broke out a highlight-reel backhand goal to notch his second of the period.

Third period

  • Anderson with a pair in the first period. Toffoli doubled-up the second. Who wants to take on the third?
  • Hmmm... I thought we had an agreement that one goal was all they get, Allen.
  • Oh boy. We’re giving them another power play after that? Don’t get too cocky.
  • I love Gally’s tenacity but man, oh, man, Lehky is right there with him.
  • Both Anderson and Toffoli are looking to pick up a hatty to finish this game off. I’m not picky. I’ll take either one.
  • Allen’s really having to work to keep this a 4-2 game in these final two minutes.
  • Uh, 42 seconds left and Vancouver pushes one through thanks to the ref not blowing a whistle.
  • Just to get back at them, Petry gets an empty-netter to end with a two-goal lead.
  • That was just as fun as Monday’s victory.

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