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Canadiens vs. Oilers Top Six Minutes: What are we even doing?

Lacklustre once again as Montreal limps to a second straight loss.

Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images


  • Gotta be real honest with all of you, I’m shocked this game is even happening right now and I’m even more uncertain about if it even should be right now too.
  • It does look like the NHL has learned from mistakes this year, but it’s not hard to be apprehensive when accounting for everything.
  • Fingers crossed everyone stays healthy, Mike Smith gives up 78 goals, and no one gets injured by errant Shea Weber slapshots.

First Period

  • Speaking of Smith the head shot they showed on TSN made me think he’d be a great Trevor Phillips if they ever made a Grand Theft Auto movie.
  • Gotta love that pass from Jonathan Drouin to Nick Suzuki, really good sign from that line early on.
  • Hey I would like it if Connor McDavid wasn’t allowed to do things like that guys.
  • Good lord the Habs only got four wins out of their backup goalies last year?!
  • I know Jeff Petry is good, but Joel Edmundson leaving him to defend two Oilers was a really bad choice.
  • Everyone on the Habs has to give Jake Allen their orange slices between periods, poor goalie is by far the best Hab so far this period.
  • It’s only one goal, but the way Montreal hasn’t really trouble Mike Smith yet worries me a bit.
  • Well, 40 more minutes to go, I’m feeling a Toffoli goal in period two!

Second Period

  • Guys, pardon my language but what the hell was that
  • Well at least Phillip Danault finally scored a goal this year.
  • Nice old school hip check from Petry, big big fan of that Jeff.
  • Thankfully it looks like Paul Byron is fine as he returns to the bench at least.
  • Maybe this penalty kill will spark the offence?
  • On the bright side, the penalty kill looked halfway decent!
  • Was that extended offensive zone pressure?
  • And a dangerous offensive rush?
  • We can do that?!
  • I have no idea if that was better or not...20 minutes to go!

Third Period

  • Oh Phil, buddy that’s not great.
  • It’s probably not a great sign when your penalty kill and backup goalie are the brightest spots this late in a game.
  • Josh Anderson that was extremely not smart, and that’s a really rough trade-off in terms of player quality.
  • And Tyson Barrie almost immediately scores on the power play.
  • I know the Habs have a winning record and this is likely a slump, but the last week has been like watching last year’s team and that scares the hell out of me.
  • I guess holding the stick isn’t a penalty when you’re Connor McDavid?
  • Jake Evans remains good as heck however.
  • The power play remains putrid though.
  • Laval opens their season tomorrow night, my biggest hope is that they provide some excitement missing from the Habs.
  • Well, that was bad...Bring on Toronto on Saturday I suppose.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Just play him and Evans 60 minutes per night, and everything will be fine

2. Falling part