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Canadiens vs. Canucks Top Six Minutes: To the Moon!

I think the Habs are going to be okay, folks.

Vancouver Canucks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images


  • Made a pre-game poutine, poured a glass of Four Roses, tonight can’t possibly be bad.
  • (Yes you can blame me when this goes sideways tonight)
  • I think Phillip Danault finally gets a goal tonight too.

First Period

  • Well that’s an excellent start to the game, with Nick Suzuki scoring just 60 seconds into the game!
  • Also a strong follow up shift from Victor Mete, he’s looking motivated to show he doesn’t belong in the press box.
  • The SAD Line already firing on all cylinders is great to see, looks like the illness hasn’t slowed down Josh Anderson at all.
  • Holy crap that works? Lehkonen with a gorgeous goal in his 300th career game!
  • Alexander Romanov gets caught in no-mans land, Canucks draw a goal back on a weak shot from Adam Gaudette.
  • Idea for Claude Julien, just send the penalty killers out for the next power play, it couldn’t hurt right?
  • I am not an NHL coach, but the strategy of allowing Jeff Petry roughly two weeks of space to shoot seems like a bad plan for the Canucks.
  • Hey that was fun!

Second Period

  • To the surprise of no one it’s the Nick Suzuki and Jonathan Drouin duo pushing the Canucks back early in the period.
  • Even at the end of his shift Tyler Toffoli manages to draw a call, time for a power play goal boys!
  • Okay, well the important thing is that you tried your best, go get em next time!
  • Well, once again that didn’t take long as Brendan Gallagher scores on a breakaway
  • What a great pass from Nick Suz...DID COREY PERRY JUST DEKE QUINN HUGHES?!
  • Jeff Petry is on hat trick watch, but holy cow what a way for Corey Perry to get his 800th career point.
  • It’s a bold strategy for the Canucks to allow the Habs penalty killers back on the ice.
  • Okay I am once again asking the Canadiens to score a power play goal.
  • Thank you fellas
  • Folks if the book is out on the Canadiens it would appear the Canucks were reading the wrong copy

Third Period

  • Okay, now all we have to do is get out of this period without anyone getting seriously hurt...Again.
  • Alright Tomas I know you want to get involved, but maybe don’t slash a dude in the torso please.
  • I have to imagine Carey Price is kind of bored in the net tonight, wonder what he’s daydreaming about?
  • Oh Danault you were so close to that first goal!
  • “Quinn Hughes doesn’t believe Corey Perry can make a backhand pass” is a bold idea after Perry dangled him earlier in the night.
  • Look, Hockey Gods I do not ask for much, but a Petry Hat Trick would be wonderful.
  • There’s that late game garbage goal the Habs love to give up!
  • Imagine allowing six goals, then getting hit up near the neck with a Shea Weber slapshot?
  • He might not have the game winner anymore tonight, but this is arguably Artturi Lehkonen’s best game of the season across the board.
  • I like wins, wins are fun...See y’all tomorrow night!

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