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Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Montreal can’t stop Fleury’s magical moment

They didn’t play badly, but the Habs had nothing for Chicago on Thursday night.

Chicago Blackhawks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I am forever grateful to have Mike Johnson on the call for many of these games, at least they lose with great insight and analysis!
  • Marc-Andre Fleury, after getting shown up in the playoffs has a chance for his 500th career win...He’s getting a shutout isn’t he?
  • I feel like we’re going to somehow get a Jesse Ylönen point tonight, at least I hope so.

First Period

  • Did they say there’s someone named Josiah playing tonight?
  • When the hell did Erik Gustafsson end up in Chicago?
  • Great work by Larry Dolphins to draw the penalty in the offensive zone!
  • Well that power play started well, and then it went full Habs.
  • And you never go full Habs on the power play.
  • TSN just showed a graphic with all the Habs injuries on it, and now I need a stiff drink.
  • Good to see Andrew Shaw at the Bell Centre, I hope he’s doing well in retirement.
  • Jake Allen with the most blatant display of tanking I have ever seen, and then he makes a bonkers save anyways!
  • Aw Patrick Kane is complaining about a non-call, allow me to find my tiny violin.
  • Well, they’re not losing at least?

Second Period

  • Do you think it bothers Seth Jones to know he’s scored less goals this year than Ben Chiarot?
  • Big fan of the work Ryan Poehling and Artturi Lehkonen do every night.
  • I’m glad he’s okay now, but Kirby Dach slow-mo falling to the ice after being hit by his own teammate was hilarious.
  • Jake Allen remains good as hell.
  • Is the Habs penalty kill good now??
  • This game however is absolutely tank-tastic!
  • Oh Pezzetta that was almost perfect, stupid Fleury.
  • Of course I jinxed the penalty kill.
  • Well, at least they’re only losing by one?

Third Period

  • Time to play a fun game, can I take the dog out to use the bathroom and miss nothing?
  • Apropos of nothing, neon shirt guy behind the net is still the worst.
  • Have the Habs considered making Fleury score on himself like he did in the playoffs?
  • It turns out I can miss something while taking the dog out, and it was the Habs almost scoring.
  • Broadcast mentions Cedric Paquette is without a point this year, so why the hell is he playing centre instead of Evans or Poehling?
  • Of course it takes one turnover and that’s probably all she wrote for the night.
  • Alexander Romanov who has played so well this year, with one of the worst turnovers I’ve seen this year.
  • Somehow the Habs hemmed the Hawks in for nearly two minutes, and still surrender a breakaway to Patrick Kane, it’s truly impressive tanking.
  • Net empty, but I’m not getting my hopes up folks.
  • I swear to god I was joking when I said Fleury was going to get a shutout tonight.
  • Fans are cheering for the opposing goalie, this might actually be the new low.
  • The tank rolls on to St. Louis on Saturday.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Indeed it was

2) That was some turrible hockey

1) Did you at least put $10 on this result?