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Habsent Minded: Reviewing the first portion of the Lions’ season

Memorable moments, player analysis, and grades.

Philippe Desrosiers
Lions de Trois-Rivières

The Lions de Trois-Rivières, the ECHL affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens, are 23 games into their inaugural season and sitting in second place in the North Division, just two points away from the first-place Newfoundland Growlers.

Andrew Zadarnowski has followed the team every step of the way, and is the author of Lions Bites, a weekly column that covers the team for Eyes On The Prize. He hosts this edition of the Habsent Minded podcast, and is joined by Matthew Vachon from Le Nouvelliste, the most prominent journalist on the Lions beat. Together they review the start of the season for the team, from the facility, to the management, to the arena, to the players.

Andrew and Matthew share stories about their most memorable moments for the Lions thus far, occasionally slipping some French into the conversation, but that’s just part of the fun. They also do an in-depth review for each player, and give them grades. Everyone loves grades!

The team has struggled to return from the Christmas break, with games being postponed due to the massive resurgence of COVID-19. After the podcast was recorded, it was announced that general manager Marc-André Bergeron tested positive and must isolate. We wish him a speedy recovery.

You can listen to the podcast below or at any of your favourite places for podcasts.