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Bottom Six Minutes 25: Apathy

The Canadiens managed to look much more like the team that played the night before than their opponents, who actually did.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Montreal Canadiens David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche are surprisingly struggling this season. After an 8-3 thrashing at the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday, they took their talents to La Belle Province to face a team that epitomizes the word struggle; the Montreal Canadiens. I actually attended this game at the Bell Centre, hoping that perhaps a tired Avs team could lead to a rare Habs win.

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes, in which I’ll discuss the Canadiens looking much more like the team that played the night before.

It has happened a few times this season — the Canadiens look like the more tired team and being dominated — despite not lacking for rest after a two-day break. You would have had a hard time convincing anyone who didn’t already know the schedule that Montreal was the team relaxing 24 hours ahead of this game.

My main takeaway from this game is a little different than normal, because I was actually in the Bell Centre for this game. What struck me the most was that the crowd, which despite being large in number, was as apathetic as I’ve seen in that building. The energy that you normally experience in a Bell Centre crowd just wasn’t there, and it felt like we all expected the loss well before puck drop.

And the Habs delivered a similarly apathetic effort. Your silver lining is Jake Allen, because that apathy from everyone else could have made this a laugher if he didn’t come to play. I hate to say it, but I’m wondering if he’d be on Jeff Gorton’s trade block. A team looking for a dependable starter for a playoff run might pay a lot given what he’s done in Carey Price’s stead.

So click the play button below to hear my thoughts, which are as subdued as the crowd and team they came to see. We’ll find out in tomorrow’s episode what the Habs actually look like after playing the night before when they meet the Nashville Predators.