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Rocket @ Lightning Top Six Minutes: A wild night of firsts down South

A loss in overtime isn’t fun, but the Habs/Rocket put on quite a show in Tampa Bay.

Montreal Canadiens v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts:

  • First and foremost I cannot believe this game is actually happening to be very honest with you all.
  • Secondly, season two of the Witcher has left me extremely disappointed and I might have to read the books to scrub the taste out of my mouth.
  • Also there are 12 former/current Laval Rocket players in the lineup tonight, so if you haven’t tuned into AHLTV this season, you’re getting a preview tonight.
  • Dear god Tampa has Brayden Point back, poor Samuel Montembeault.

First Period

  • The last time Montreal played against Tampa, they had their best effort of the season, is it too much to ask they maybe do the same tonight?
  • Through four minutes they haven’t been scored on, so I’m chalking that up as a moral victory!
  • Well, they’re trying, and Montembeault is making saves so I suppose I can stop watching from between my fingers right?
  • Can the Rocket power play be better than the Habs power play?
  • So far the answer is absolutely not.
  • What a shift by Michael Pezzetta to get that puck to Lukas Vejdemo for the opening goal.
  • Well that lead was fun while it lasted.
  • Congrats to Brayden Point who is going Harlem Globetrotters on an AHL team tonight apparently.
  • Apparently Cedric Paquette got an assist on the Habs goal, so that’s his first point in a Montreal sweater.
  • Brett Kulak is taking no crap tonight, and honestly I’m here for it.
  • Well, they’re down by a goal so that’s about as good as we could have hoped for tonight.

Second Period

  • I try to not complain about commentary too much, but I could do without John Buccigross.
  • You down with RHP?
  • Oh no an opposing power play.
  • The Habs killed it?
  • And then scored?!
  • Oh, it’s being waved off and now I’m sad.
  • Oh and now it’s reviewed and the Habs are back on the penalty kill.
  • And now Tampa has the lead back.
  • Oh no a Habs power play.
  • That was again less than ideal, but we’ve all come to expect that.
  • I walked out of the room to grab a beverage, and somehow Tampa is now on a four minute power play?
  • Oh dammit Pezzetta.
  • Heck of a showing by Montembeault on that kill, glad to see he’s settling in fairly well.

Third Period

  • Starting a period with a nearly full power play feels very cruel.
  • Well, they didn’t give up a shorthanded breakaway on this PP at least?
  • I know the Habs didn’t score, but seeing the smart passing from Caufield and Poehling is really refreshing to see.
  • Feed me more slap shot goals please!
  • Tampa is obviously a single shift away from turning this game back around, but seeing the Laval Canadiens put up this kind of fight is encouraging.
  • I swear to god I just blacked out because I thought I saw David Savard dangle Victor Hedman and score a goal.
  • (Is handed a note from management)
  • It was always going to be Corey Perry wasn’t it?
  • Oh I don’t think I’m going to like overtime.


  • My heart rate currently is....Not great!
  • That’s absolutely garbage officiating to give Tampa a win.
  • It’s a good loss in the end, but that ending is going to bother me for awhile.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Much better than socks

2) He must have received those for Christmas, too

1) Playing well versus the NHL’s top team, thinking about the upcoming first overall pick, not a bad night for fans of the Montreal Canadiens