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Canadiens vs. Avalanche Top Six Minutes: Time is a Flat Circle

Habs lost, but you likely knew that already.

Colorado Avalanche v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I watched a man eat the entire Arby’s menu before this game and somehow it might only be the second most disgusting thing I watch tonight.
  • Avs are on a back to back, got blown out last night, and are playing their third string goalie, there’s far too many things going in the Habs favour for me to feel comfortable.
  • Maybe they’ll surprise me and put a good effort in for Jeff Gorton?

First Period

  • I’m not sure if it’s my headphones or the TSN volume mix, but the Bell Centre sounds like a tomb to start the game.
  • “Michael Pezzetta tries to spring Cole Caufield on a breakaway” is an absolutely wild sentence to read no matter what league it’s in.
  • More of that from Joel Armia please!
  • Less of that please Habs power play!
  • Wonder what Jeff Gorton is thinking watching this so far?
  • That’s a really nice shift from Ryan Poehling, who remains a bright spot in this current mess of a season.
  • The Habs are defending too well, I am becoming suspicious.
  • Beautiful hit by Romanov on...Ryan Poehling?
  • Well, they got a power play out of it so yay?
  • I rescind my yay.
  • Well, that’s a heck of a sell to get a power play for the Avs.
  • Jake Allen is woefully underpaid.
  • Well, they’re not losing!

Second Period

  • Seeing Josh Anderson kick himself into gear must be a terrifying thing to watch as an opposing defender.
  • Oh no, Mathieu Perreault drew a penalty.
  • Holy hell the power play sucks.
  • Like, it’s a black hole for joy and happiness, it’s beyond the pale with how bad it is.
  • How are you going to get a power play, and the opposing team gets the most scoring chances out of it.
  • I hope the Oilers saw that.
  • And the Habs now want to give the lead right back apparently.
  • They killed multiple penalties...In the same game??
  • Icing leading to a goal against, some things never change in Montreal.
  • I am begging any single Hab with the puck to just shoot the puck instead of over-dangling into a corner.
  • It cannot be a good sign that the most noticeable player tonight has been Michael Pezzetta right?

Third Period

  • Losing Josh Anderson before the third period even starts feels like a bad omen friends.
  • And I got back from letting the dog out in time to see it become a 3-1 game and now I am sad.
  • Bad season or not, it’s nice to see Alexander Romanov turning into an even more physical presence along the blue line in both zones.
  • Three penalties killed in the game, I’m honestly astounded.
  • Oh no another power play.
  • And there’s a jersey on the ice, which I’m shocked took this long to happen.
  • Poor Ben Chiarot, great kick save and it lands right on Landeskog’s stick for the empty net goal.
  • Can we please end this game before another Habs defender injures Jake Allen again.
  • Well, onwards to Nashville I suppose.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The Avs didn’t quite know how to respond to that

2) Really a Catch-22 situation right now

1) The Hab wish they had this much energy