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Canadiens vs. Kings Top Six Minutes: Loser Point Progress

A much better effort, but not enough for both points as the Habs lose to LA.

Los Angeles Kings v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game thoughts

  • The bar is almost literally the floor, so hopefully the Habs dig upward tonight.
  • We are also penciling in Phillip Danault for at least one goal tonight yeah?
  • Would anyone judge me if I stream Big Mouth on the side during this game?

First Period

  • Oh nice, Mike Johnson on the call is always a welcome sight, there’s not a better color guy in hockey right now.
  • It’s early minutes yet, but Joel Armia appears to be on one tonight.
  • Oh no, a penalty kill.
  • They...Killed the penalty? Is that allowed?
  • A nice tribute and nice ovation for Danault, but now back to the game and booing him relentlessly.
  • I was going to express a lot of concern about seeing Ben Chiarot jumping up into plays so often, but so far it’s resulting in scoring chances so I guess I can let it slide.
  • Hey look at that, Ben Chiarot scored!
  • Michael Pezzetta shows some incredible restraint, opting to not bury Adrian Kempe while going off on a change.
  • Oh no, a power play.
  • Well, they didn’t get scored on and leave the period with the lead, not bad!

Second Period

  • I had legit forgotten that Dustin Brown was still a King somehow.
  • It appears that Michael Pezzetta will not win the Lady Byng this year.
  • Sigh, kill 99% of the penalty, and still get scored on as it expires.
  • Is Josh Anderson okay? It feels like he’s not his typical self out there tonight.
  • Nick Suzuki sneaking up on Tobias Bjornfot and launching his stick into outer space is a low-key bit of comedy.
  • Why is Brendan Lemieux trying to fight Alexander Romanov?
  • I liked this period more when the Habs were not getting hemmed into their own zone to be honest with you all.
  • My god what a save.
  • I could not, for the life of me explain how the Canadiens did not give up a goal on that power play and the shift after it.
  • With the way that period ended I am more than happy to take a tie into the third period right now folks.

Third Period

  • Oh you have got to be kidding me
  • At least Jake Evans isn’t quitting on the game yet!
  • Pezzetta didn’t take kindly to Lemieux’s flopping, and gotta say I don’t blame him.
  • I wonder what they’re yelling at each other in the penalty box?
  • I can fully believe that Pezzetta fell for Lemieux trolling him, I cannot believe that the officials didn’t call Lemieux’s dive again.
  • Oh my god Alexander Romanov just killed a man with a hit I swear to god.
  • The Bell Centre is rocking and the Habs are headed to the power play!
  • The power play continues to make me extremely sad.
  • And Mike Hoffman nearly makes it a Habs lead, woooo buckle up y’all!
  • Phillip Danault takes a late penalty.
  • There’s no way right?
  • Well, at least they’re trying new stuff, even if they didn’t score on the power play.
  • Hey it’s a point!


  • Oh god, I am somehow nervous about a 3-10-0 hockey team
  • Josh Anderson, still very fast.
  • At least Dustin Brown didn’t knee Nick Suzuki on that hit or anything.
  • Sadness...Stupid Kings

EOTP 3 Stars

3) An important development for this season

2) Slithered right past Bjornfot

1) Thanks for the point, ladies