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Canadiens vs. Islanders Top Six Minutes: Another New Low

At least Nick Suzuki still rules.

New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I got to come home from, hang out with my puppy and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the Habs can’t possibly ruin my current vibes.
  • I realize they haven’t put together two positive games in a row since the series against Winnipeg in the playoffs, but I am going full Ted Lasso tonight.
  • My gut says one of David Savard or Jeff Petry finds the back of the net tonight, and if I’m wrong just yell at me on Twitter after the game.

First Period

  • Zdeno Chara in non-Bruins colours is weird as hell to be honest.
  • Habs fans don’t care what colour he’s wearing however as they continue to relentlessly boo him.
  • David Savard running into Brett Kulak and then Brock Nelson scoring a goal isn’t exactly the start we wanted to see.
  • So far the highlight of this period is the broadcast accidentally showing the WiFi password for the Bell Centre.
  • At least the Finns seem to have some spark alongside Jake Evans!
  • Brendan Gallagher struggling to stay onside after taking a puck to the groin in a prior game is a tough challenge I imagine.
  • Oh no, a Habs power play.
  • I am totally shocked that a power play featuring Adam Brooks struggled to generate offence!
  • Mike Johnson says it’s hard to score on the Islanders with just point shots, but by god the Habs will try!
  • Well, all things considered the Habs being down just one goal isn’t the worst end to that period.

Second Period

  • Well that push was a much better start than last period!
  • Was only a matter of time before Brendan Gallagher got buried into the back of a net, hopefully his grimace is just annoyance, not pain.
  • TSN was trying to go to break as that goal went in, and I was thoroughly confused.
  • I am begging for the Habs to complete more than one consecutive pass in the offensive zone please.
  • Jake Allen remains the best Hab on the ice for what feels like the 100th time this season, what a save by the goalie!
  • Oh heck yes some offensive chances!
  • And it’s 3-0 Isles....
  • At least Michael Pezzetta is still trying his best I suppose.
  • Because it’s been that kind of night so far, Christian Dvorak also gets stoned on the breakaway.
  • Alright, let's get wild in the third period...Top line Pezzetta, Josh Anderson in net, Jake Allen as the new coach.
  • Oh god, of course I forgot about the guaranteed Pageau goal.
  • Just 20 more minutes to go.

Third Period

  • Godspeed Samuel Montembeault
  • Oh no the Habs are on the penalty kill too now?
  • Ironic Ole’s from the fans, I hope Geoff Molson is paying attention right now.
  • Well, at least the penalty kill didn’t do too badly?
  • I can’t believe they’re actually still calling penalties in this game.
  • Well hey there Nick Suzuki, nice snipe bud!
  • Wait, a five on three?
  • Holy heck what a move by Nick Suzuki to set up that Tyler Toffoli goal!
  • It was kind of fun for a little bit I guess, that game overall was not great folks.
  • The Rocket play on Saturday at 7pm EST if you’re so inclined this weekend.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Stll no jerseys on the ice, so there’s one more fathom to go

2) You have to be willing to try new things

1) Makes you miss Eric Staal