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European Prospect Report: Frederik Dichow is on a tear in HockeyAllsvenskan

The goaltender is quickly becoming a top prospect for the Montreal Canadiens.


In an absolute stellar performance on Friday night, Frederik Dichow saved 34 shots on his way to earning a win against the best team in HockeyAllsvenskan this season. He was outstanding, channelling his emotions the right way. He got energized by the crowd and when he let the only puck of the night passed him, he took a deep breath and resettled. Before, a goal like that could have rattled him.

The Danish Wall was emotional after the final whistle, pumping his blocker in the air after what was his best performance of the season among a growing body of great ones.

Dichow has built up a good CV over the last seven games that he has started. He has faced 213 shots with seven going past him, giving him a .967 save percentage, a 1.00 goals-against average, and seven wins. He is currently ranked as HockeyAllsvenskan’s third-best goalie, but he will continue to climb that ranking if he keeps playing like he has the last few weeks.

“The Gnome” as he is fondly known around these pages has taken over as the prospect to watch in Europe, at least until Mattias Norlinder comes back. Most importantly, the netminder has embraced his nickname, even going so far as to have gnomes on his mask.

Alexander Gordin, HC Sochi, KHL, Russia

The Russian’s move to the former Olympic Ice Hockey Arena hasn’t gone as smooth as he had hoped. Though he scored a goal in his first KHL game of the season, his time on ice has dropped and in the last game it was less than four minutes.

It was especially surprising as Sochi won the game against Admiral 8-2, and there would have been ample time to get the new guys some minutes. The trend in regard as time on ice for Gordin is negative, and if it continues like this I wouldn’t be surprised to see him joining another of the lower clubs in Sochi’s system.

Jacob Olofsson, Frölunda (loan), SHL, Sweden

Olofsson didn’t have a strong week with Frölunda on the ice. Off the ice brought better news as his loan was extended for another two weeks. I am still having trouble seeing him staying with Frölunda when players comes back from injuries, but it is a window for Olofsson to showcase himself to earn ice time somewhere else.

His move to the wing seems to be permanent at this stage, and he tries his best to fit in that role. He continues to drift into the centre of the ice at times and it is clear that he isn’t comfortable in his new position.

Mattias Norlinder, Frölunda; SHL, Sweden / Montreal Canadiens.

Norlinder picked up his first point in the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, during his fourth game in the NHL.

The future is still undecided for Norlinder, especially as a new front office will settle in for the Montreal Canadiens. The fact remains that either Norlinder will play in the NHL or he will go back to Frölunda in the SHL. Frölunda remains atop the SHL rankings, even if Rögle is three points behind with two games in hand.

Dmitri Kostenko, Khimik, VHL, Russia

Out with an undisclosed injury.

Oliver Kapanen, KalPa, Liiga, Finland.

Out with and undisclosed injury.