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Bottom Six Minutes 21: Is Geoff Molson even watching?

After one of the ugliest looking Habs games of the season, you have to wonder if ownership is paying attention.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After a much needed three-day break, the Montreal Canadiens were back in action for a Wednesday night tilt with the Washington Capitals. It was a tale of two teams in polar opposite positions, with the Caps occupying second place in the Metropolitan Division, whilst the Habs sat second to last in the Atlantic. The Tricolore were certainly looking at a tall task.

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes, in which I’ll discuss that task being immeasurably tall for these Canadiens.

The inaction from Geoff Molson at this point really has me questioning if he watches the games at all. Losing 6-3 isn’t their worst result of the season, but it was one of their worst efforts, and the score could have been much worse.

It was devoid of structure. They were a complete mess defensively, and their attack once again devolved to looking for stretch passes when things got tough. Losing to the Capitals is one thing, but losing while looking that inept is something else.

As for the silver lining of the night, I’ll have to go with Cole Caufield. He had a few scoring chances that didn’t go his way before his instincts allowed him to find that rebound off the boards in the second period. Hopefully this is the ice breaker he needed to jump start his scoring at the NHL level, as it may be cold comfort to the fan base, but it would at least represent the possibility of better days to come.

Click the play button below for my full rant, and I apologize in advance for beating the dead horse(s) that I’ve been on for some time. As always, I will be back with another episode after Friday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres.