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Bottom Six Minutes 19: An embarrassment in Montreal

Fans at the Bell Centre cheered sarcastically as the Penguins scored their sixth unanswered goal.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

As the Montreal Canadiens forge ahead in what could end up being one of the worst seasons in club history, they welcomed some young blood into the lineup on Thursday night. Cole Caufield was recalled from Laval, and Mattias Norlinder was also inserted into the lineup ahead of their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Would that young blood propel them to a rare victory?

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes, in which I will discuss the polar opposite of victory.

Frankly, I’ve not much appetite to discuss the loss itself. I also don’t have much appetite remaining to discuss firings that I’d advocate for, but given what just transpired, they’re hard to avoid. An embarrassing loss like that, on home ice, for which people were apparently selling near-front row seats for $10 apiece, warrants special considerations.

I can’t see how Geoff Molson is tolerating this. The product on the ice has gotten so bad that the team is being mocked by its own fans. If he won’t take action, then he will soon be looking at a situation where the fan base will turn against him as an owner.

As for the silver lining of the night, Cole Caufield and Mattias Norlinder were two of the most impressive players on the ice for the Canadiens. I’m sure neither would be satisfied hearing that given the final score, but it’s the silver lining nonetheless. If nothing comes from this season other than a step forward for those two — and perhaps a few other young players — it will benefit the future of the organization.

Click the play button below for the full rant, and apologies to anyone who is tired of hearing my talk about firing people. As always, I will be back after Saturday’s game against the Nashville Predators, at which time they hopefully provide me with something else to work with.