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Bottom Six Minutes 17: Does Geoff Molson have a rock bottom?

The Canadiens suffered yet another embarrassing loss, and it begs the question of what could possibly get Geoff Molson to act.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Back to back games are never easy, and they figure to be even less so this season for the struggling Montreal Canadiens. A night after falling in overtime to the Detroit Red Wings, the Habs travelled east to face the rival Boston Bruins for the first time this season. Off to a lukewarm start, the Bruins presented a chance for the Habs to get an elusive win.

Welcome to your Bottom Six Minutes, in which I’ll barely discuss wins continuing to be elusive.

What I really want to discuss is the whereabouts of owner Geoff Molson, and what it would take for him to act. What is his rock bottom? At what point in this nightmare of a season would he step in and do something to change the direction this team is heading in?

At the very least, it seems necessary for him to come out with some kind of statement. He’s been rather silent throughout this brutal stretch, and fans are left wondering if the only catalyst for change would be a hit to his revenues. Being that hockey in Montreal is generally profitable regardless of the standings, that seems unlikely, so we’re left wondering if the organization will simply continue to tolerate this failure indefinitely.

They caught lightning in a bottle last year, and while they earned that Stanley Cup finals run in so doing, it cannot mean carte blanche for the team’s management and coaching staff. They can’t just ride last year’s success to immunity for this year’s failures. Realistically, we’re talking about a team that would have missed the playoffs four years in a row if not for the format modifications brought about by the pandemic. Last year’s success wouldn’t even exist under normal circumstances.

A change of coaching or management may not be able to save this season, but at least it would send a message to the fans that the organization demands better. Finishing dead last and winning the Shane Wright sweepstakes will mean nothing if this team can’t learn from it’s existing problems, which the current administration seems willing to ignore.

Anyways, click the play button below for my full rant, and we’ll be back rain or shine with another episode after Tuesday’s game against the Rangers.