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Canadiens @ Bruins Top Six Minutes: A frustrating evening in Beantown

Things were good, until they suddenly weren’t for Montreal.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images
  • Pre-Game Thoughts
  • My God, almost two years without playing the Bruins, I almost miss those jerks.
  • Not really, I hope they step on Legos and feel nothing but sadness.
  • It’s snowing and I had a few flights at local watering holes today, lets have some fun folks!

First Period

  • I can’t help but think Michael Pezzetta playing the Bruins is going to lead to something dumb.
  • Also the “Perfection Line” remains one of the dumbest names in hockey today.
  • Happy to see Adam Brooks in the lineup, very sad to see Mike Hoffman not in it.
  • And godspeed Samuel Montembeault, you’re gonna need it.
  • Ugh, Brad Marchand
  • I can only hope Nick Foligno tries to fight a Hab again to avenge someone’s honour like in the playoffs, since that worked so well.
  • First goal to the Habs?!
  • Yes I’m just as shocked as you are.
  • Oh no, here come the toilet paper soft penalty calls.
  • Hey what a great penalty kill, let’s see if they can scor...and there’s another baby soft penalty.
  • Hey look, Marchand is a dirty cheater and also can take penalties!
  • I’ll take that first period every single day, a goal, a lead, and no one shoving their player into a goalie!

Second Period

  • Okay boys, a power play goal would be super dope to start the second period.
  • Well, at least you didn’t get scored on!
  • Oooof so close David Savard!
  • Are we just going to let Foligno hack at Montembeault all day refs?
  • What an absolutely massive save by Montembeault!
  • One does not simply hit Josh Anderson, the Bruins just learned that the hard way.
  • Less icing, and less goals against fellas.
  • I guess tripping penalties aren’t a thing now.
  • This is a Jake Evans appreciation post folks.
  • I think Marchand should continue to try and hit David Savard, it went so well the first time.
  • I am no joke, ecstatic for Pezzetta who is making me eat so so much crow.

Third Period

  • Not the most ideal of starts guys
  • Jeff buddy, I need you to absolutely remove your head from your bum and figure out what’s wrong.
  • Oh my god Petry, I love you dearly but this might be the worst stretch I’ve ever seen you play.
  • I suppose it’s a lot better to lose off of really stupid fluke goals, as opposed to getting blown out though.
  • Bruins fans are ole’ing after getting a one in a million fluke goal..I’ve decided I want to crush their dreams now.
  • Oh dear Montembeault.
  • I loathe the USA chant so much, it’s unoriginal and just super lame.
  • Lets see some fight boys, make me eat some more crow.
  • Well Monty is on the bench, now or never fellas!
  • And the puck hits the ref, and goes for an empty net goal.
  • Absolutely unbelievable.
  • See y’all on Tuesday, hopefully there’s some better bounces in store for the Habs.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The Habs could use about six more dispensers

2) We probably should talk about this more

1) It looks like that may be the case