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Canadiens @ Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Up a point, down another goalie

Pushing it to OT after losing Allen — could have been worse.

Montreal Canadiens v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Brian Sevald/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • So, here we are. Once again. The Red Wings, the Habs, and me on TSM. The last two times the three of us met, the Canadiens were victorious.
  • May as well make it a clean sweep trifecta.

First period

  • Early penalty kill for us as Chiarot (I know, quelle surprise) heads to the box for interference.
  • First NHL point for Pezzetta + Poehling’s first NHL goal of the season = we’re on the board early!
  • Allen follows it up with a terrific save. I’m already feeling the trifecta taking shape.
  • Pezzetta chases a bouncing puck to try to follow up his assist with a goal but the puck had a mind of its own.
  • Pezzetta is the name of the period but this time it’s because he gets called for hooking.
  • Thankfully, the Habs are up for another kill.
  • Time for some 4-on-4 action just to mix it up a bit in the last 1:30 of the period as Pezzetta heads to the box again with Seider for roughing.
  • Yikes! Petry causes a huge collision between Larkin and Allen that sees Allen’s mask fly off, the net move, and has Larkin checking his teeth.
  • Seemed like Allen was fine but nope. Looks like he got called by a spotter and in comes Montembeault.
  • And we call it a period with a 1-0 lead.

Second period

  • My trifecta feeling has faltered after Allen’s incident.
  • Let’s all join virtual hands and put out good vibes that Allen will be ok. Are you doing it?
  • So, we’re short a goalie and Larkin gets to tie it up. That doesn’t seem fair to me.
  • Forty-five seconds later Detroit takes the lead.
  • A scuffle in front of the Detroit bench after a mini crosscheck from Evans.
  • Lehkonen heads to the box for hooking. I love you, Lehky but we really can’t do penalty kills right now.
  • But we killed it so, yay.
  • Allen is out for the remainder of the night. You didn’t join hands for good vibes, did you?
  • Off to the power play we go. Let’s tie it up... please.
  • I said please.
  • Suzuki with a shot and the puck... lands on top of the net.

Third period

  • What a play by Lehky to tie it up! Cliff notes: Attempted breakaway, goes down hard into the boards, looks like he’s down for the count, sees the puck, gets up on his knees to give a spectacular no-look pass and Wideman makes it 2-2. #LehkyLove
  • Now he’s heading to the dressing room. No good deed goes unpunished. I’d ask for some virtual good vibes hand-holding but that clearly doesn’t work.
  • Montembeault seems to have settled in a bit, thank goodness.
  • Gallagher with a puck off the post!
  • A kerfuffle in front of Nedeljkovic sees Bertuzzi flee from Gallagher once Anderson makes his presence known.
  • Lehky’s back!! Probably in a full back brace, but he’s back.
  • You gotta love the twinkle in Anderson’s eye and his sly grin when someone starts shoving him.
  • Off to OT we go.


  • Hang in there, Monty. We’re nearing the finish line.
  • Great play by Toffoli and Evans but we’re still tied.
  • Two-on-one and Larkin gets another sharp-angle shot for the win.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) A nice, quiet Saturday night

2) We need that guy back

1) We can thank him for that point